VCE VSCALE™ ARCHITECTURE: Bridging the data center gap for Platform 2 and 3 apps

You and your data center infrastructure can propel your business forward… or you can hold it back by stifling innovation. The difference is how well and how quickly you can adapt to changing business requirements.

As the industry leader and technology innovator in converged infrastructure, VCE is focused on helping solve our customers’ biggest challenges.  Positioned as a leader in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems,” VCE pioneered converged infrastructure to deliver operational simplicity and lifecycle assurance that transformed the IT practice. Now, more than 2,400 VCE Vblock Systems are deployed worldwide in the most demanding environments.


Today, there are exponential demands on you and your data center! You are at the juncture of what we call Platform 2.5 – the crossroads of where mission-critical applications that continue to evolve to meet the emerging cloud, big data, mobile and social applications.

At this juncture, you need a highly flexible data center infrastructure that can quickly adapt to changing business and application needs. A scalable data center infrastructure that grows without compromising on availability, security, operational simplicity or total cost of ownership.

So we are doing it again!

VCE redefines the category of “converged” by applying its industry-leading system-level convergence to data center scale with the new VCE Vscale architecture, which is suited for all application needs. We also introduced VCE VxBlock Systems — the newest members of the VCE converged infrastructure portfolio — to offer increased choices to customers when it comes to their data center infrastructure. With VxBlock Systems, customers can now choose VMware NSX or Cisco ACI as factory-integrated, fully supported options for network virtualization.


VCE Vscale architecture is an innovative architecture that delivers ultimate agility, simplicity, and assurance adapting to the varying applications, scale, and flexibility needs for our customers’ diverse operational models.


Let’s take a closer look…

Ultimate Agility Accelerating Time-to-Value: VCE Vscale architecture rapidly addresses the changing application characteristics and scaling needs with:

  • Standardized, modular, grow-as-needed architectural design
  • Flexible scale-up and scale-out through expanded multi-system architecture
  • Expanded converged infrastructure systems including VxBlock Systems to provide flexible technology choices
  • VCE Foundations along with EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud to form a complete solution for accelerated cloud adoption
  • Optimized on-demand resource sharing for various applications across multiple converged infrastructure systems and data center elements

Ultimate Simplicity Lowering TCO: VCE Vision Intelligent Operations software delivers converged management and operations at scale by:

  • Managing multiple systems including intelligence such as system discovery, validation, health score and logging
  • Providing unified knowledge base for distributed, converged systems
  • Delivering a consistent base software across VCE systems
  • Offering multiple add-on packages designed for specific business outcomes –release certification management, security hardening, and capacity management
  • Integration with management and orchestration tools via exposed RESTful APIs

Ultimate Assurance Minimizing Business Risk: Only VCE provides the standardization and lifecycle management vital for meeting operations, security and regulatory requirements at global scale with:

  • Industry-best customer experience through VCE lifecycle assurance – engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one product
  • Comprehensive end-to-end protection for data protection and disaster recovery as proven industry-best choices
  • New VCE services that ensure customers get the most from the VCE Vscale architecture
  • Great investment protection and a clear migration path of existing VCE environments into a Vscale architecture without the need for major forklift upgrades


VCE Vscale architecture changes the way data center infrastructure is designed and built. It is both evolutionary and groundbreaking.

How is VCE Vscale Evolutionary?

VCE Vscale architecture builds on the proven success of VCE Vblock Systems, bringing a modular grow-as-needed architectural design. Adapting to workload needs is easy and fast. Start with the right size infrastructure for today’s needs – as small as one Vblock System – and then add more resources over time at a pace suitable for your own business in a non-disruptive manner. These resources include VCE VxBlock Systems, VCE Technology Extensions, VCE Vscale Blocks, and VCE Vscale Fabric. VCE Vscale architecture provides scaling capability at all levels – from incremental scale, to massive scale, to web-scale.


How is VCE Vscale Ground-Breaking?

VCE Vscale introduces a powerful way to abstract and present resource pools to any application. When your workloads change, simply adjust or reconfigure your compute, storage or data protection resources to create optimal resource pools, helping you to meet the new application requirements in a simple and agile fashion.  Additional innovations include multiple capacity and capability scaling points, network virtualization options from VMware NSX and Cisco ACI, and cross-platform intelligence for the entire data center.



VCE Vscale architecture addresses a broad range of use cases and applications, enabling customers to focus on business outcomes and innovation.

On-Demand IT Services for Hybrid Cloud

VCE Vscale architecture enables on-demand IT services for lines of business. It simplifies customers’ journey to the hybrid cloud with the new VCE Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, a solution that combines the speed and agility of public cloud services with the control and security of private clouds. It is a pre-integrated, pre-validated, pre-tested cloud management software stack that includes EMC ViPR software-defined storage, VMware NSX network virtualization, VMware vRealize management and orchestration, and essential on-site configuration and deployment services from VCE. With this solution, you can rapidly deliver virtual machines-as-a-service, paving the way for additional cloud capabilities such as Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.

Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The VCE Vscale architecture provides easy scaling and resource optimization required by Platform 3 applications.  Take big data analytics and applications for example.  To better store, manage and analyze data and to gain deeper insight enterprise-wide, use a Vblock System with the VCE Technology Extension for EMC Isilon storage to build an enterprise data lake.  To gain a more complete and up-to-date view of business, augment your existing data warehouse and Business Intelligence investments with Pivotal HAWK and Hadoop processing, and generate financial or risk-compliance reports that combine information from email, documents and databases – and do it more frequently.  To increase contextual insight, run EMC Documentum XCP alongside business applications that have been moved out of their silos and into the VCE Vscale architecture. This will help you increase efficiency of social media or demand-generation campaigns and produce more predictive and desirable customer responses and outcomes.

Platform 2 Applications

The VCE Vscale architecture provides a converged and evolving environment for Platform 2 applications. Traditional mission-critical applications such as ERP, CRM and OLTP are well suited for Vblock Systems or for an expanded converged infrastructure containing VxBlock Systems, Vscale Blocks, VCE Technology Extensions, and Vscale Fabrics, in addition to Vblock Systems. High-performance computing (HPC), image processing, seismic modeling, transaction processing and specialized applications can take advantage of a Vscale-based data center to deliver accelerated business value.


The only certain thing about the future is change: new and ever-demanding business needs, evolving and changing application requirements, increasing velocity, larger scale and technology innovations that benefit the business. With VCE Vscale architecture, adapting to change will no longer be held hostage by infrastructure, application and operational silos. Instead, your infrastructure will rapidly adapt to any changes. Your IT will be able to better support both second and third platform applications. Unleash the power of your IT and propel your business with VCE Vscale architecture!

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About the Author: Berna Devrim