Is IT Simplification an Evolution or Revolution?

We think IT simplification is both an evolution and a revolution. Earlier we announced in this blog about the problems of IT complexity and what simplification is all about. We've even asked you to share your stories. Certainly IT simplification as a concept has been around forever, but nobody seemed to be doing anything about it.  We've always seen things differently than our competitors, and now we're leading both an evolution and a revolution.   

Today energy costs are skyrocketing and the environmental footprint of technology is too large.  IT is unable to manage growth and sprawl in their data center.  It is even more difficult to maintain control of the IT infrastructure, yet still meet the needs of the business and end users.  And the explosion of data is scattered across machines throughout an organization.   

So what does it take to evolve and revolutionize your IT infrastructure?  This is our vision, and more importantly, where we differ from other companies.

  • UNIFY THE DESKTOP AND DATA CENTER: Treat the entire ecosystem as one. Make the most of virtualization, management, security, data protection, and power and cooling to cover all systems from desktop to data center.
  • BUILD A SYNERGISTIC ECOSYSTEM: Create an ecosystem that more effectively scales and grows over time, as you evolve away from IT complexity.
  • RESTORE HARMONY WITH END-USERS: Give users get greater choice in how they access information on various devices in a way that also gives IT the control they want.
  • MAINTAIN CONTROL IN THE FACE OF THREATS: Consider solutions where a user's data and system image are located on a virtual disk in the data center instead of on a local hard drive. IT gets complete data control and security, yet still minimizes exterior and interior threats.
  • EMPOWER YOUR ROAD WARRIORS: Let your mobile workforce use new devices do their jobs with or without their computers and make it easier to sync with little to no manual interaction. And get more stylish laptops that offer greater personalization, lighter carrying weight, slimmer profiles, battery charge time, battery life, and boot-up time to keep your workforce as productive as possible.
  • BRING LOGIC TO THE VIRTUAL WORLD: Use servers that are optimized for virtualization and with storage that is virtualization-ready and VMware-certified. Consider virtualization-optimized servers with embedded hypervisor technology in flash memory that will lower your power requirements, deploy faster, and reduce energy use.
  • CHANGE THE ECONOMICS OF STORAGE: Prepare for the iSCSI revolution, which more than any other technology will change the economics of storage because you can build a storage area network using lower cost Ethernet switches. iSCSI elevates storage out of the physical and into the logical world-which is ideal for virtualization.
  • UNLOCK YOUR HIDDEN DATA CENTER: If you are "maxed out" of capacity, space, and power, don't think your choices are limited. You can have more performance, consume less power and be eco-friendly. Find the hidden data center inside your current one and drive cost and complexity out to deliver more compute capacity for less
  • GO GREEN: Go with a company that reduces power consumption through better systems and solutions design. And use a company that is an environmental leader today, not tomorrow. And look for initiatives like free recycling, strict chemical use policies, carbon neutrality plans, and lead-free designs.

Clearly I wouldn't be writing this if we didn't get these kinds of requests from literally thousands of customers every day.  But don't take my word for it.  Tell me what you think. 

Are these the right things Dell should be working on?

About the Author: Jeff S. Johnson