It’s like a superhero for IT, meet ProSupport

Despite the security and productivity benefits desktop virtualization provides, there are still a few IT executives who consider the technology about as appealing as green eggs and ham. They will approve a small pilot and are often eager to have their current IOPS requirements benchmarked. They are also impressed with how effective desktop virtualization is at reducing break-fix calls, especially when coupled with Dell Wyse endpoints such as the new P25 and Z50D. But when it comes to actually approving a production deployment of a powerful, highly-secure VDI solution, some IT professionals will tell their colleagues they actually don’twant to oversee the transition.

The reason has nothing to do with their real-world experiences or any limitations of the technology. Instead, the quiet deal-breaker may be a lingering concern that they won’t be able to service a VDI solution without additional training or certifications. It might make IT administrators who are currently seen as rockstars look less effective if a service issue were ever to lead to end user downtime. And, it’s easy to justify a wait-and-see approach to a full rollout since “complexity” has been associated with desktop virtualization for as long as people can remember.

Today, however, Dell has the answer.

Our two leading on site Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS), DVS Enterprise and DVS Simplified, include ProSupport, a global comprehensive service that covers the solution and related datacenter hardware such as servers, networking, and storage – for three years. Dell ProSupport for DVS offers phone support 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with a consistently high level of expertise around the world. Dell ProSupport also scales up or down depending on your needs, from businesses running a DVS Simplified appliance to large-scale DVS Enterprise deployments that may require in-region local language support and technician visits.

IT executives and CIOs who feel their current teams may not be able to maintain VDI systems without ramping up on the technology can also rest easy. Dell ProSupport for DVS leverages the existing knowledge base of your current staff and shares best practices with your team. ProSupport also provides access to Dell’s five global command centers that get out ahead of potential obstacles to timely delivery of replacement parts and service technicians.

We know that once companies try desktop virtualization they will appreciate the benefits it provides. Specifically our DVS and Cloud Client Computing solutions’ provide the ability to reduce help-desk calls, boost employee productivity, enhance data security, increase application access; and leverage the next wave of consumerization. Dell’s ProSupport for DVS makes desktop virtualization not just palatable but preferable by addressing concerns you may have about the technology and by making sure you know that whether it’s DVS Enterprise or DVS Simplified, Dell’s global ProSupport has you covered.

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Dell ProSupport for Desktop Virtualization

About the Author: Reed Martin