Just another red laptop?

Since laptop color was offered to small business customers last year, just adding a color to a current system is not something Dell would normally blog about. But, since there has been some chatter about what Vostro provides small businesses, we decided to preview the newest Vostro laptops (1320, 1520, 1720) in cherry red, and share a few more reasons why small business customers <heart> Vostro.   

Cherry Red Vostro - click to view more photos 

To see photos of the newest Vostro, click on the image above or check out our Flickr page.

When Dell refreshed the Vostro line earlier this month, I had a short vlog to talk about the newest features – like the industry's only free, non-subscription based Video Chat solution and over 8 hours of battery life – that provide small business with technology that just works and doesn't stretch already tight budgets.  But there are lots more reasons for small biz customers to be crushing on Vostro – here are three favorites: 

  • No trialware:  Vostro has a long tradition of giving small business customers exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. (You can even opt out of that free Video Chat solution, if you don’t want it.) We listen to our customers.
  • More ways to easily protect your data:  Look around at “small biz laptops” in the market, and you’ll find Vostro’s have the most options to secure your data.  We know our customers think substance is as important as style.
  • Zero percent financing:  Dell has been offering this and other stimulus programs customized for SMBs for the past 3 months, and continues to roll out addition programs across the globe as more local governments roll out similar stimulus programs.

The Vostro line-up starts at $399, the newest Intel Core 2 Duo systems start at $569, and starting in May you can choose Deep Cherry Red for an additional $39.  For additional information on the latest line of Vostro laptops, including standard and optional offerings, you can visit www.dell.com/vostro or check out the release here.

About the Author: Alison Gardner