Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with VxRail

Here we are – the beginning of a brand new year. Did you make any resolutions for your business? Perhaps they looked something like this:

  1. Increase my agility and responsiveness
  2. Spend less time and money on management and maintenance
  3. Spend more time innovating and delivering business goals
  4. Say goodbye to multi-vendor support calls
  5. Have an IT staff that looks forward to coming to work

Our business is to help you get there. If your goals include hardware updates in 2018, consider using it as an opportunity to transform your infrastructure with VxRail!

If we take another look at the resolutions I listed above, they are outcomes of IT Transformation. As an IT decision maker, you’re likely tasked with creating a cost effective solution that is reliable enough for your mission critical workloads… that can scale as your needs evolve… that is flexible enough to pivot in time to take advantage of new business opportunities… and that can be managed efficiently.

VxRail is the fastest and easiest way to extend and simplify a VMware environment. What’s more, deploying hyper-converged infrastructure in your data center is the simplest step you can take to jumpstart your IT Transformation journey. VxRail delivers improved scalability, simplified management, and cloud-like agility all at a reduced TCO. And it gets better…

VxRail is now powered by Dell EMC 14th generation PowerEdge servers, and there has never been a better time to deploy VxRail in your data center. These servers are optimized for hyper-converged infrastructure, and incorporate over 150 custom design requirements from the Dell EMC hyper-converged teams. The results are impressive:

  • Double the IOPS
  • Half the response times
  • Sustained, predictable response time less than 1ms
  • World’s most configurable HCI appliances

VxRail Appliances built on 14th generation PowerEdge servers are powerful and predictable for the most demanding mission-critical workloads, and are configurable to precisely address any use case.

So… what better way to kick off the New Year than with a bit of redecorating? Do you have racks (and racks) of three-tier infrastructure cluttering up your space? Consolidate your footprint—and reduce the associated expenses—by deploying VxRail in your data center. If you’re managing a DIY HCI solution, take advantage of Dell EMC’s investment in the complete lifecycle, including advanced automation, to ensure smooth operations from day one forward.

VxRail Appliances are available in five different models that are sure to liven up your data center’s décor. Choose from the general purpose G Series for a broad range of HCI use cases; VDI-optimized V Series for graphics-intensive desktop deployments; storage dense S Series for demanding applications where storage scales faster than compute; performance intensive P Series for heavy workloads such as databases; or the entry-level E Series for small and remote deployments.

Actually, choose some of each type if you wish. Because with VxRail you can mix and match different appliance models within a cluster. So as your needs evolve and your use cases change, you simply deploy the nodes you need to address it.

And yes, they come in black.

Gil Shneorson

About the Author: Gil Shneorson

Gil is a business and technology executive with over 30 years leadership experience in international business management, engineering, marketing, operations, GTM planning and execution, direct and through partnerships and General Management. In his current Dell EMC role, Gil is leading Dell Technologies’ Edge strategy and execution, working with customers, partners and the Dell product groups to ensure Dell delivers the best solutions for customers when it comes to their Edge computing challenges.