Laying the Groundwork for Successful Digital Transformation

Dell Services: Roadmap for Successful Digital Transformation infographic snippet

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get ready for a big vacation. This realization hit me as my family and I got ready to go on a road trip this year. We needed to:

  • Get our car serviced and stocked with supplies
  • Explore travel routes and hotel options to minimize drive time and maximize comfort
  • Find alternative accommodations for our family pets
  • Stop the mail and notify our neighbors

It was a lot to do before we set out on our journey. But taking care of these details ahead of time allowed us to enjoy a memorable trip, free from interruptions and inconveniences.

The same can be said for organizations planning to embark on digital transformation; the bigger your goals, the more preparation you need to do.

Dell Digital Business Services offers a flexible 5-R methodology that can help you simplify the process. In each phase — Recognize, Rethink, Render, Reorganize and Realize — our team collaborates with you to uncover digital opportunities and identify innovative ways to transform your business with digital. From initial consultation to planning to final implementation, our project management and digital expertise can help you integrate analytics, mobility, social media, cloud and Internet of Things into your plan for success.

The 5-R Methodology helps you understand how to best use digital to deliver new business models, improve customer engagement and enhance operational excellence. We take a business-first approach to transformation and factor in all people, process and technology requirements upfront to develop strategies that align to your objectives and deliver results.

Take a look at our new infographic­­ to learn more about the complete process. 

About the Author: Wendy Williams