Learn how to optimize your enterprise, end to end, at Dell Enterprise Forum

Dell Enterprise Forum

Remember when virtualization was the answer? When creating efficiencies, reducing costs and simplifying the management of your data center was a matter of virtualizing your infrastructure?

Now you have a physical and a virtual infrastructure to manage. Add to that rapid data growth and VM sprawl to support demanding applications–never mind hardware-imposed I/O restrictions, limiting the extent to which you can virtualize anyway—and it’s easy to lose sight of the prize.

Realizing the promise of virtualization takes more than VMs, pooled storage and VLANs. It takes a holistic approach to architecting and optimizing your data center, end to end. The cloud is real—or at least it can be. But there’s a gap between virtualization and cloud efficiency, and no real roadmap to get there using the technologies you already have.

Want on-demand, provision-as-you-go resources? Who doesn’t? Dell lets you evolve toward that model with your current infrastructure. With an open, scalable design point, we enable you to combine just the right technologies to balance price and performance. To establish a dynamic infrastructure, orchestrate the many elements of your data center and leverage data insights to deliver business outcomes faster.

This theme is at the core of Dell Enterprise Forum, June 4-6, in San Jose, CA, and January 14-16, in Frankfurt, Germany. There’s simply no better place to learn how to optimize your enterprise. You learn directly from the engineers who design and develop the solutions in your data center. From the hands-on labs and technical breakouts to drill-down super sessions and executive keynotes, you’ll get best practices for getting more out of your investment—not to mention virtualization and the cloud.

When it comes to your data center, there are many paths to success—and it’s up to you which path you take. We provide a solid foundation and building blocks, then we work with you to create just-right solutions for your business—cloud-ready solutions that drive growth and get you on your way to an on-demand, provision-as-you-go reality. From servers and storage to networking and converged solutions, we help you combine the right pieces, end to end. Dell Enterprise Forum is where it all comes together.

I hope you can join us in San Jose! I can even offer you, our customers, an exclusive 20% discount. Just enter the code DEFUS13BL when you register.

About the Author: Bob Oas