Less is More with Windows 7

We're all looking to simplify our hectic lives.  Less hassle, fewer "to-dos," less complexity.

When was the last time you actually ordered a simple cup of coffee?  That’s why it is so refreshing to see the improvements in Windows 7.  Now that Windows 7 is available on my Dell PC, things just got a whole lot easier.

 Let’s start at the beginning with boot time.  It’s fast. No longer do I have to take a coffee break while I wait for my system to boot up.  The improvements are noticeable and really enhance the usage experience.   
And what about networking? One of my pet peeves has to be switching printers every time I change networks. With Location Aware printing in the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, presto! – each printer is associated with a network.  When I connect to a network, the PC automatically knows which printer to use.  No more manual switching of printers when I move from home to work or network to network.  Setting up a home network has also become easier than ever with the new HomeGroup feature found in Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions.

When it comes to finding a file or application, I don’t have to go much further than my desktop. I can use Jump Lists or Pinned applications to open a program or get to the file I want.   Jump Lists show recently opened items, such as files, folders, or websites, organized by the program that opened them. I can use a Jump List from the taskbar or Start menu to open items, and also "pin" favorites I use daily.  No more file clutter on my desktop!  Couple this with Dell Dock for easy file access right from the desktop so your PC truly becomes your home base.

Windows 7 - Jump Lists and Pinned Apps

Windows 7 - Navigating windows

Using multiple windows?  No problem.  Shake, Snap and Peek really simplify moving among different windows.  There are times when I need to send an e-mail while working on a file. That means minimizing the window, going to Outlook, referring back to the data, flipping back to Outlook and sending the mail.  A lot of back and forth to say the least.  Today, I adjust the window sizes for both programs then size them to fit both on the screen.  It gets the job done but does take some time.  With the Snap feature in Windows 7, I simply snap the two windows which evenly sizes them to fit the screen.  Amazing!  If I want to see my desktop, I simply drag the icon to the lower right to “peek” through open windows.

Sanp in Windows 7

Windows 7

Dell has invested countless engineering hours testing its systems for performance and compatibility with Windows 7.   Why is this important?  Because Dell knows that any option offered as a factory install on its system is compatible with Windows 7, avoiding any loss of functionality that would keep you from enjoying your PC. 

Bottom line – Less is More with Windows 7 on Dell:  Fewer interruptions, fewer delays, fewer steps to complete tasks. Embrace the simplicity and love your PC again!

About the Author: Lourdes Valdez