Lessons Learned from Early Cloud Adopters: SMB Research Firm Techaisle Reviews Key Takeaways from Recent Survey

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Technology has always worked to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses and in today’s business environment–it’s all about the cloud. SMBs today have the ability to take advantage of the capabilities of cloud computing and cloud business applications to leverage software functionality once accessible only to large corporations – meaning that even home-grown, “mom and pop” operations can create the competitive advantage needed to separate them from competitors.

In order to utilize these benefits however, business owners need a trusted partner to guide them through the process. In fact, global SMB analyst firm Techaisle’s* Small and Medium Business Cloud Application Trends Survey found that 69% of respondents prefer to purchase their cloud applications from a single trusted vendor. That’s why Dell Cloud Business Applications partners with our clients to provide an end-to-end solution. You have enough to worry about with your business, let your IT be an asset rather than a burden by letting us take care of your cloud, business apps and other IT needs.

As part of this commitment, the Dell Cloud Business Applications team has mined through Techaisle’s SMB survey to pull together this infographic below that visually displays some key lessons for cloud business success. Check out the infographic below to leverage the key learning from early adopters of cloud application software.

Cloud Infographic FINAL

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Additionally, we had the chance to speak with industry analyst and Techaisle CEO, Anurag Agrawal, to learn more about how he thinks businesses will benefit from the cloud, which included some surprising insights. Watch the videos below to hear Anurag’s perspective on helping businesses in the age of the cloud and his views of a successful cloud strategy.

Dell and Techaisle: Cloud Levels the Playing Field

Dell and Techaisle: Dell’s Unique Cloud Role for SMBs

Dell and Techaisle: The Evolution of the Cloud for SMBs

Let us know your thoughts and lessons you’ve learned regarding cloud business success.

*Research conducted by Techaisle on behalf of Dell based on a sample from Techaisle’s SMB cloud computing technology panel.

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Topics in this article