Look Your Best With the World’s Most Intelligent 4K Webcam

Today we’re introducing the new Dell UltraSharp Webcam - a beautifully designed 4K webcam that offers the world’s best image quality in its class.

The pandemic forever changed the relevance of video conferencing. Just one week into global lockdowns, 62 million users downloaded video conferencing apps alone. This is only the beginning; by 2026, the video conferencing market is expected to exceed $50B in revenue. While special moments like baby showers and weddings might eventually shift back to being in-person, remote work has become the norm for many and our reliance on video conferencing is here to stay.

Our vision started with benchmarking the image quality of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras used by professionals and photo enthusiasts. Our design and engineering teams then challenged themselves to develop a webcam that delivers DSLR-like image quality while being intelligent and easy-to-use. So, what did it take to bring this vision to life?

Two images: on left, man is on video conference with curved monitor and external webcam on top. On right, woman on video conference with laptop and external camera.

World’s best image quality 4K webcam in its class

The Dell UltraSharp Webcam provides the best image quality in its class of 4K webcams¹ and produces outstanding video quality in any lighting condition. Taking inspiration from DSLR cameras, the Dell UltraSharp Webcam features a large 4K Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor and multi-element lens that captures more light, delivering crystal-clear video.

No matter your lighting conditions, the Digital Overlap HDR capability in the Dell UltraSharp webcam helps preserve true-to-life colors and balance exposure. The 3D/2D video noise reduction automatically eliminates grainy images, making sure you’ll look good even in low light.

Comparison of video quality of images without and with Digital Overlap HDR capability.

Comparison of webcam image in low light and auto-light correction with video noise reduction

World’s most intelligent 4K webcam in its class with auto-framing, smart security and more

In line with developing intelligent products across our business PCs, we have packed this webcam with intelligent features to adapt to any set-up and situation. You’ll appreciate the Auto-framing feature which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep you in focus and centered in every frame.

You can also customize your field of view from 65°, 78° and 90°, together with 5x digital zoom to ensure you look your best.

We’ve elevated the entire experience by seamlessly integrating smart security features. The Dell UltraSharp webcam features Windows Hello, allowing you to Dell UltraSharp Webcamsign-in quickly and securely using facial recognition. We’ve also embedded the Dell ExpressSign-in feature to work in concert with Dell PCs – meaning proximity sensors on the webcam detect your presence as you approach and automatically logs you out when you step away, providing that extra level of security without lifting a finger. Finally, a magnetic privacy cover securely snaps on the lens or on the back – protecting the lens when the webcam is not in use and providing a safe place to store while using the webcam.

With these intelligent features in place and certification with leading unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the Dell UltraSharp webcam is the perfect tool for seamless collaboration.

World’s most seamless webcam mounting solution in its class

At a glance, you’ll see this Dell UltraSharp webcam delivers a sleek design and premium all-aluminum cylindrical body. While most traditional webcams are rectangular, the UltraSharp Webcam’s thoughtful circular form factor and slim monitor mount ensures minimal front-of-screen distractions so you can focus on your presentation – not your equipment.

Paired with a sleek and convenient magnetic mount and tripod adapter for effortless transitions between monitor and tripod², you’re looking at the world’s most seamless webcam mounting solution in its class.³ It is perfect for video conferencing whether you’re presenting at an executive townhall, having a one-on-one meeting or livestreaming esports on Twitch.Web cam mounted on tripod and on monitor

The UltraSharp Webcam (WB7022) will be available worldwide on June 29 for $199.99 USD. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this new webcam and make the world take notice of you.

To learn more, check out our press kit.

1 Based on an independent user study of 20 experienced webcam users commissioned by Dell. Participants evaluated the brightness, color saturation and sharpness of live web meeting video streamed with the Dell UltraSharp webcam and leading competitive external 4K personal conferencing webcams in uniform, low and high contrast lighting conditions (No physical webcams nor brands were shown to participants) (June 2021).

2 Tripod sold separately

3 Based on internal analysis of external 4K personal conferencing webcams, April 2021

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