Looking for a Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution is Like Looking for a Spouse

We’re happy to announce a guest post from our partner Sungard!  Stay tuned for more guest posts from other partners and thought leaders in the data protection field here on The Protection Continuum.


fb101j_tungsten_rings_2__83342_zoom_by_tungstenrepublic-d6ku0b4Take a walk with me  down the aisle. The bells are ringing joyously, all your friends and family are present, flowers are filling the air with their stunning fragrance. You raise your eyes to your spouse-to-be and suddenly realize: You picked the person based on their virtual online profile and the beauty of their physical profile. You never actually got to know them.  You had a lot of fun while dating – lots of laughter and romance – but you have no clue if they can handle the challenges of the long-haul, the nitty-gritty of daily life, and the inevitable changes the future brings.  You have zero idea about the other person’s financial expectations, spending vs. saving habits, budgeting, and long-term goals.  You went right from dating to setting the date. No engagement period to really discover if there were any major roadblocks standing in the way of a “happily ever after” ending. What would you do? I know that I’d get out while the getting is good! But here’s the irony: when companies look for a cloud backup and recovery solution, they often take exactly this approach. They pick cloud providers based on insufficient data. They fail to examine how a long-term relationship would work. They don’t understand the pricing structure. They neglect to test the solution adequately before purchasing. The result? They “marry” the wrong cloud provider, with disastrous consequences!  Check out Looking for a Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution is Like Looking for a Spouse, written by EMC and Sungard to discover how to recognize and avoid each of these four errors when you’re looking for a cloud backup and recovery solution. You’ll learn what to look for in a cloud “spouse” so that when the wedding bells ring, you will have no hesitation about saying, “I do.”

About the Author: Sarah Hamilton