Lotus F1 Team, VCE and EMC head to the track together

The rules of Formula One racing are about to change in a way that is unparalleled by the past – and the 2014 F1 car will be very different than the ones on tracks today.

Lotus F1 Team challenged EMC to provide a solution that enabled their IT department to cope with the rapidly changing requirements that the car designers and pit-lane crew would be placing on IT in the lead up to 2014. Lotus F1 Team knew that, with limited IT staff and fixed budgets, they needed a way to adjust to a dynamic landscape in order to remain competitive.

EMC quickly realised that Lotus F1 Team needed IT solutions that would change the way IT was consumed and delivered to the entire team so that the company could innovate and deliver tangible competitive advantage to the cars on track. EMC recognised that VblockTM Systems from VCE would be a good fit.

As a major investor in the industry’s leading converged infrastructure provider, EMC looked to Vblock™ Systems from VCE to help streamline the IT business processes of the F1 team to help address these challenges.

EMC and VCE worked closely with key stakeholders within Lotus F1 Team to streamline business processes and to re-design the team’s approach to delivering IT infrastructure.

The Solution

The campus environment needed to be highly resilient between both datacentres at Enstone.  A key challenge within this environment was to provide real-time DR capabilities to critical applications, including the team’s large Microsoft Dynamics deployment.  EMC and VCE exceeded expectations and provided Lotus F1 Team with a solution that enables the team to migrate any workload between datacentres as demand requires.

Lotus Team

Because using advanced analytics to quickly calculate data at trackside could deliver a major competitive advantage to the race team, the team would need high performance computing at each event. Yet, they needed a lightweight solution to reduce the cost of shipping to events around the world.

Both environments needed to be built around a common architecture to simplify transition of services between campus and trackside as required.

To remove the headache and overhead systems maintenance and patching placed on the small IT team, VCE provided Lotus F1 Team with VCE™ Support, a service that patches each Vblock System once per year with a pre-validated compatibility matrix for the life span of the sponsorship agreement.

Finally, Lotus F1 Team recognised that the single support call process from VCE for the whole Vblock System and extended EMC Atmos / DataDomain solutions would further reduce IT management overhead and improve systems availability.

VCE is very proud to be playing such a pivotal role in supporting this exciting sponsorship agreement between Lotus F1 Team and EMC.  With EMC and VCE at the core of Lotus F1’s IT infrastructure, we are sure the development of the 2014 car will remain firmly on track and will provide Lotus F1 Team with the competitive advantage they are looking for from their IT infrastructure!

About the Author: Andy King