Mac Users Continue to Switch to Dell Precision Workstations for Professional Video Editing

Over the past year, Dell has been helping professional video editors find a superior alternative to their previous Mac-based video editing platform that no longer offered the professional features they needed. Many digital content creation professionals have trialed and selected Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA professional graphics for running Adobe Premiere Pro and other software as their platform of choice due to the significant performance enhancements, smart design and professional software and graphics certifications. Here are a few examples of video editors that have made the switch and never looked back:

Dell is continuing to catch the eye of many well-known and reputable cinematographers, animators and other film professionals. The following pros have all expressed interest in joining Dell’s video editing advisory program to trial Dell’s latest tower and mobile workstations for their next projects. We encourage you to follow their journey as the share their stories on Direct2Dell and Twitter – #Dellworkstation.

  • Lou Borella, Freelance Editor, Animator – With more than 20 years’ experience in both long-form documentary and short-form news and editorial, Lou has a broadcast client list that includes NBC, CBS, Discovery, The Weather Channel, History Channel and others.  Highlights include the Matt Lauer – George Bush interview for the Today Show during the 2004 Presidential Election and the Discovery Channel special "Killing Osama Bin Laden" that aired in May 2011.  He also has a corporate client list that includes Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Verizon, Porter Novelli, Safe Kids Worldwide and many others.  With proficiency in Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and many other programs and tools Lou believes he has way too many keyboard shortcuts in his head!!

  • Phillip Atkins, Cinematographer  While completing his studies in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Digital film and Video Production program, Phillip started a production business called Quanti Studios and found a foothold in Pittsburgh for music related media content, as well as commercial production work.  Shortly after graduation, Quanti Studios was approached by the creators of AltarTV to join forces and become the main force behind all the content created for AltarTV.  In the past year and a half Phillip has worked diligently to create a visual style and custom workflow for the high volume, multi format, fast turn-around content being created for AltarTV.  While managing the shooting of all productions for AltarTV, Phillip also continues to expand his cinematography skills by working freelance on numerous music videos, commercials, and short films around the U.S.

  • Steven Ilous, founder and director, SMI Entertainment – With a body of work marked by his imaginative use of high-end technology, Steven bridges traditional storytelling with imagery that displays power, depth and originality. His professional career started at Stan Lee Media, where he worked closely with comic book legend Stan Lee. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to work on "The Matrix 2" and "The Matrix 3" as an integral part of the motion capture crew, used to create digital doubles for the characters Neo and Agent Smith. Steven continued to push the industry with his core involvement in Performance Capture Technology for Robert Zemeckis’ "The Polar Express." This first-of-its-kind movie paved the way for James Cameron’s "Avatar," and Spielberg’s "Tin-Tin." After successfully making a transition to writing, Steven developed several feature projects, including "Love Ark" for DreamWorks Animation and "Bi-Polar" for Starz Media. Continuing to expand to other mediums, Steven ventured to primetime television at Twentieth Century Fox. In his first network deal, Steven served as co-creator and co-executive producer on the "Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx."

  • Doug Cwiak – Creator, Executive Producer, DirectorDoug got his start as a production assistant on independent films and once bitten by the filmmaking bug, he enrolled at UCLA Film School where he studied screenwriting and promptly crafted the awarding winning screenplay “The Cassandra Complex.”  Doug has since formed Industrial Media Arts, a full service film and video production company where he writes, produces and directs a variety of projects including an award winning web series, as well as corporate productions for large and boutique organizations, focusing on videos and other types of corporate communications, promotional and marketing materials. His short film, THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER, premiered at the GIAA Film Festival in New York and went on to play at 7 other film festivals. His newest project, THE UNEMPLOYMENT OF DANNY LONDON, has won several awards and gotten the attention of Hollywood talent. 

In addition, many of the top visual effects (VFX) production houses are using Dell Precision workstations to deliver complex visual effects and animation shots in movies over the past year. Here are a few examples:

Stay tuned for more exciting stories about Dell’s investment and commitment to the professional media & entertainment market and how we are helping customers increase their performance, creativity and productivity.

About the Author: Scott Hamilton