Managing Servers More Efficiently and Effectively

IT managers face the daunting challenge of always looking for different ways to improve efficiencies and streamline costs. At Dell our latest line of KVM remote console switches, also referred to as KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) over IP switches, are optimized to save you money, time, space, equipment and power.

These new KVM remote console switches including the 1082DS, 2162DS and 4322DS enable users to need only one keyboard, mouse, and monitor to simultaneously access multiple servers. In addition, they help simplify server management with integrated firmware and provide access locally in the data center and also remotely, with enhanced features including CAC (Common Access Card) capability, true serial support, multiple USB ports, and dual power supplies. Dell’s new KVM product offering is tailored to address the following pain points:

  • Managing multiple servers in a heterogeneous environment, especially across racks, can be difficult if each one must be accessed separately from a crash cart.
  • Managing servers in multiple locations or in remote data centers can be challenging, especially if resources are limited.
  • High reliability environments need to ensure that data centers aren’t adversely affected by partial power or network outages.

The new line of Dell KVM remote console switches performs management for Dell and third-party servers, serial devices, and power distribution units (PDUs). New features have been added and enhancements have been made to the Dell KVM over IP switches in the following areas:

  • Performance: Remote console switches provide superior remote video performance because of the improved video compression and flexibility in configuration, even over larger distances between console switches and server interface pods (SIPs).
  • Management: You can manage Dell KVM switches and perform all KVM functions on LAN or WAN with the easy-to-use client software and remote/local on-board web interface (OBWI). In addition, you can easily update and install firmware, applications, and operating systems either locally or remotely by using virtual media (VM) or local USB.
  • Security: You can use CAC over USB as a general identification card and an identification device for authorized personnel and for authentication. Also, you can set passwords for local and remote access, as well as the management port. You can encrypt keyboard, mouse, video, and VM using one of these methods: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Data Encryption Standard (DES), and 3DES. Using local security, you can set access rights and permissions for users and administrators.
  • Options: The new USB 2.0 SIP provides support for full-speed VM data transfer speed and CAC. The new serial SIP connects serial devices to the KVM without emulation, using the same console. KVM functions work with all existing Dell CAT5-based PS/2, USB 1.1/2.0, and serial SIPs.

All this gives Dell KVM over IP console switches a greater level of monitoring and preventive maintenance, providing the benefits of remote server management and heterogeneous datacenter management. So if you are looking for more flexibility and control over your data center, at a competitive price, consider our latest KVM switches. They are the first line of diagnostic defense and can significantly reduce down time while streamlining management costs. To learn more about Dell KVM console switches, please click here.

About the Author: Joy Ruff