May 22 #BCSP Webcast—Best Practices for Connecting Business-critical Data into #SharePoint

Note from Editor: This post was co-authored with Karl Kuhnhausen, Practice Director—Dell Services

Does your company run multiple line-of-business (LOB) systems like SAP,, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics that are difficult to integrate and present to end users to enable them to make better business decisions? If you face this problem, join our May 22 webcast, “Best Practices for Connecting Business-critical Data into SharePoint,” at which SharePoint experts from Microsoft, Dell Software and Dell Services will show how to deliver essential business data into SharePoint.

SharePoint is a unique enterprise platform that offers many capabilities and is often accessible to everyone in an organization. As a result, many customers seek to transform SharePoint into the central hub for various needs such as content management, document sharing, business intelligence, and business process and workflow applications. However, one of the challenges with building business processes, BI dashboards, and workflow applications in SharePoint is the lack of integration among the various line-of-business systems within an organization. From CRM to ERP to PLM, many of these systems provide business-critical information, but live in separate silos. This can result in an information gap that can impact decision making and managing business performance.

Fortunately, Dell has been selected by Microsoft as a member of the Business-Critical SharePoint partner program, aimed at identifying and differentiating solutions that integrate SharePoint with LOB systems. Dell offers an end-to-end business-critical SharePoint solution—using Dell Software’s Boomi AtomSphere and Quick Apps for SharePoint with help from Dell Services to surface LOB data within SharePoint to improve productivity and process efficiency across an organization.

Dell Boomi Atomsphere with Quick Apps for SharePoint

So please join us for the webcast hosted by Ziff Davis B2B on Wednesday, May 22 at 1 p.m. CT. In this webcast, you will discover the power of using Dell’s solutions to integrate business-critical data within SharePoint without writing a single line of code. You’ll see a live demo of a SalesForce-to-SharePoint integration scenario as a practical example of the solution.

This demo will cover:

  • List of accounts and opportunities
  • Parent/child data in SharePoint
  • Charting and BI example of in SharePoint
  • Updating an existing opportunity, description, and size from both SharePoint and

Register for the webcast today.

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