It May Be Even “Cloudier” … But it’s all Clear Azure Skies with the new Avamar Virtual Edition

HyperV EMC is pleased to announce the Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) – deduplication backup software and virtual appliance designed for Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V environments. More and more companies are expanding their cloud initiatives to include public clouds.  We see three use-models that are quickly being adopted: Backup to Azure, Replicate Backup Data to Azure for disaster recovery, and protect virtual machines running in Azure.

back up to cloudLet’s dig into each use case in more detail. A small office has deployed Avamar software agents in their Hyper-V environment or on physical hosts. The Avamar agents will deduplicate, compress and encrypt backup data – then send it to an Avamar Virtual Edition hosted in the Azure cloud.

In the second scenario, a mid-sized branch office has chosen to deploy an Avamar Virtual Edition for their Hyper-V private cloud for local backup and recovery. They also replicate their daily changed data to an AVE hosted in Azure to meet their disaster recovery compliance.

Lastly, virtual machines deployed in the cloud can now be protected with the Avamar Virtual Edition for Azure, which provides cloud-based backup and recovery.

Now that I have mentioned the Avamar Virtual Edition many times, let me tell you a bit more about it. The Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) is Avamar deduplication software and server deployed in a Hyper-V virtual machine. AVE for Hyper-V is ideally suited for small, medium, or remote offices that do not wish to add backup hardware, but prefer to leverage their virtual infrastructure.

Avamar Virtual Edition provides:

  • Rapid, cost-effective deployment
  • Simplified management by virtualizing all aspects of the backup and recovery offering
  • Lower cost by leveraging shared server and storage infrastructure
  • Replication in virtual environments as well as between virtual and physical environments for disaster recovery
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Included with the Data Protection Suite licensing

AVE runs on top of Hyper-V and can work on any server and iSCSI, SAN, or DAS storage that meets the combined Avamar and Hyper-V specifications. AVE can replicate between AVEs, or to a physical Avamar server such as the Avamar Data Store. The AVE is integrated to Data Domain systems through DD Boost Software, so it can store backup data directly to the Data Domain system, while the AVE virtual appliance maintains all meta-data.

Each Avamar Virtual Edition for Hyper-V virtual appliance supports up to 4TB of licensed disk storage capacity provisioned to a virtual machine.

There you have it – hybrid cloud support with EMC.  And, just in case you are wondering, here’s the …

Top 10 Reasons Why More People Choose EMC Data Protection for Microsoft

EMC Microsoft# 1 Centralized Protection for All Microsoft Applications

# 2 Comprehensive Windows OS Protection

# 3 In-Depth Exchange Backup and Granular Recovery

# 4 Optimized SQL Server Protection

# 5 Full Range of SharePoint Data Protection

# 6 Most Efficient Deduplication Backup

# 7 Fastest Recovery

# 8 Comprehensive Support for Hyper-V Private Clouds

# 9 Leading Backup, Recovery and DR for Azure

#10 Long-Term Strategic Partnership with Microsoft


About the Author: Phil George