Wouldn’t it be great if elves could do your work for you?

Human is as human does. On Friday I edited a post from Jeff Johnson  on Windows Server 2008 and cut out the best part.

OK, Jeff I got it wrong, but at least it wasn’t as wrong as this.

The thing I cut was a discussion of the pre-installation option. Customers can buy Dell servers with Windows Server 2008 pre-installed. This is like having your dinner delivered to your door, fully cooked and ready to eat, as opposed to going to the grocery store, bringing the ingredients home and burning dinner yourself.

I know administrators that want to install everything themselves and I know others that would love to have us handle the drudgery. I think I’d rather buy the OS pre-installed and save myself from making the stupid mistakes I’m prone to.  (like mirroring an empty drive over a data drive – I’ve done that).

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