Meet Project CoprHD: EMC Delves Deeper into Open Source

Today, EMC unveils a first for EMC Information Infrastructure: Project CoprHD, the first 100% open source Software-Defined Storage project in the history of EMC II. Project CoprHD (pronounced “copperhead”) is the new open source version of ViPR Controller, EMC’s Software-Defined Storage Automation platform.

The way software is developed and distributed has fundamentally changed and so too has the perception of open source. Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.”


Every enterprise, at some level, is a software company; those that have adopted agile
ViPR-Open-Infographic---FINAL2development practices and a culture of collaboration are able to innovate faster and build a sustainable competitive advantage. At the center of this transformation is open source software. Open source has evolved from a movement against proprietary software to become mainstream. It’s a 180 degree change from the 1990s when open source solutions were largely considered anathema to enterprise IT. More companies than ever are moving to an open source community-driven collaboration model. EMC is embracing this development model with Project CoprHD.

Project CoprHD will be available on GitHub in June 2015 for community-driven development. EMC is providing this project for customers, partners, developers and other storage vendors to accelerate innovation and drive open and standard APIs.

EMC also continues to offer a commercial product for sale, EMC ViPR Controller. The commercial offering enhances CoprHD with service, support, training and more to help organizations quickly adopt Software-Defined Storage. EMC Professional Services offers the technical expertise and guidance to assist in designing, implementing and integrating ViPR Controller  into data centers of all sizes.

This is the first step in EMC’s open source strategy—and we’re on the edge of our seats with excitement about what the community will do with this well-established software as the world increasingly relies on software to keep turning.

Learn more about CoprHD here.

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About the Author: Manuvir Das

Manuvir Das is the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Dell EMC’s Unstructured Storage Division, where he is responsible for the Isilon and ECS product lines as well as key aspects of Dell EMC’s cloud strategy. Manuvir has extensive experience leading R&D organizations, including key roles in the development of Microsoft Azure and Dell EMC ViPR Controller, ECS and Nautilus. With a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and dozens of publications and patents in his name, Manuvir’s focus is applying world class computer science to build best-in-class, disruptive cloud products that push the boundaries of technology and delight customers.