Microsoft Windows 10: New Ways to Be Productive

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As CIO one of the major things I think about when deploying a new technology to our workforce is if it will make people more productive and enable them in new ways to do their job faster and smarter. Windows 10 on Dell brings that new level of convenience to our workforce and the benefits are major. And with millions of aging PCs in the marketplace, I’m guessing that your enterprise is looking to upgrade to experience these productivity gains as well.

I recently sat down with my counterpart at Microsoft, CIO Jim DuBois, to discuss the new value Windows 10 will bring to the enterprise environment. Dell itself is an enterprise with over 100,000 employees worldwide and I can definitely say I’m excited to introduce it to our workforce and experience the new levels of convenience it will bring to our employees through all of the new features available.

Windows 10 is going to feel very familiar to everyone, whether they are migrating from Windows 7 or Windows 8. And Dell has been working with Microsoft on the development of Windows 10 since 2013 and designed our new devices with Windows 10 in mind. For instance, we have maximized the touch real estate of our new devices to enable ease of use with the touch functionality of Windows 10, and to give users the experience they have come to expect from using tablets and smart phones. And, the Windows 10 touch feature on our Dell edge-to-edge displays will really enhance the experience when using the new Microsoft Edge browser that allows you to actually write on web pages and share with others!

Windows 10 also introduces the voice activated virtual assistant Cortana who helps increase productivity by offering a quick way to search for saved items on your PC or mobile, manage your calendar, search for data on the web, or even just tell you a funny joke (ok, maybe that doesn’t increase productivity). Cortana will also give you a tour of the new OS when first start using it so that you can get up to speed quickly on all of the new features.

The feature of Windows 10 that drives the most productivity is the new Universal apps platform. Your workforce can use Windows 10 on their mobile, a tablet, or the PC and the universal apps will give them the same experience across all of the device platforms. Imagine being able to start something at your Dell Latitude PC and pick up your Dell Venue tablet and finish your task on the go.

These types of capabilities are what I’m looking for when I implement new technology for our workforce at Dell and I can’t wait for everyone in our workforce to realize the productivity benefits. 

About the Author: Paul Walsh

Topics in this article