Migrating Oracle Deployments to Dell PowerEdge x86-based Servers

As a premier Oracle partner, Dell is excited to be on the show floor at Oracle OpenWorld 2009. We are proud to be demonstrating our comprehensive Dell | Oracle solutions including presentations both in our booth and at sessions outlining the benefits of migrating to Dell’s PowerEdge 11th generation x86 platform. In addition to our presentations, we’ll have plenty of migration experts at the show to help answer questions in our booth regarding Dell’s proven track record for partnering with customers to help them successfully navigate through the migration process.

By migrating from older generation x86 servers to Dell’s PowerEdge 11th generation x86 servers, customers are experiencing benefits including lower total cost of ownership, easier imageimplementations and deployments, and greater scalability as their businesses continue to grow. With Dell’s 11th generation servers, customers are able to consolidate dispersed legacy environments onto one product line while reducing data center complexity, lowering power consumption, and reducing Oracle licensing fees – all while reaping the benefits of running their OLTP and DSS workloads faster than ever before. Whenever we release new servers, there is typically an incremental performance gain of approximately 10-15 percent. The technology packed in Dell’s PowerEdge 11th generation servers blew that away.

We reviewed three-year old servers that had recently fully depreciated. In comparison to the new 11th generation servers, we are able to achieve consolidation by an 8:1 factor – and sometimes even better depending on the workload. That type of consolidation equates to serious savings for our customers.  Think about it – eight servers consolidating to one, all within the power envelope of a single older generation server. That means a full 16U rack of servers becomes just 2U; 32 network ports consumed becomes four; 16 redundant PDU ports becomes two; and this is just the physical savings. Just imagine how that translates to software and power savings as well.

With a full suite of tested and validated Dell | Oracle solution stacks, Dell enables customers to minimize risk, reduce pre-implementation testing and ensure interoperability before the migration process even begins.

Visit us at booth 3809 in Moscone West and receive a USB key full of useful tools outlining the benefits of running your Oracle database workloads on Dell hardware and enter to win one of the new Dell Latitude Z portable notebooks . You will be sure to get a better understanding why moving to Dell’s open standards platform provides customers with a cost effective, end-to-end solution that enables faster implementations, simplified management and faster return on investment.

To keep up with what we are doing at the event, follow us on Twitter @dellatORACLEwld, check out an earlier post on Direct2Dell with details of our activities and check back here and the Dell TechCenter.  If you miss us at the show, visit us at www.dell.com/oracle for more information.

About the Author: Susie Grandi