Mommy Blogging – The Way I Understand It

SXSW '09 Mommy Bloggers PanelI’ve been referred to as a “Mommy Blogger” several times in recent history.  I’ve never really warmed-up to that title, feeling it is just not accurate.  Sure I am a Mom, but does that mean I am a Mommy Blogger?  My only gig is to blog here at Dell, and my focus is not motherhood.  Come to find out, I am not the only woman that is thinking this way..

Jessica Smith of Jessica Knows recently wrote an article about the Top 10 Misconceptions About Mommy Bloggers.  The #3 misconception is “Every Mom that blogs loves being referred to as a Mommy Blogger”.  She mentions that many Moms that blog actually cringe when they are referred to as a Mommy Blogger. 

I saw the cringing in action in a recent discussion with several of the bloggers in the Wal-Mart Eleven Moms group.  While this group of bloggers is well known for their deal-saving tips, they are often referred to as Mommy Bloggers.  Christine from From Dates to Diapers said that she is absolutely a Mommy Blogger, while most of the other moms in the discussion said they are not. 

Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder of BlogHer recently wrote about the many faces of blogging moms in The Web's Most Influential and Diverse Community Begs You to Stop Generalizing.  Bloggers can write about almost anything and also be a mom, while mommy bloggers write about their lives as moms or family life.  So if you want to stop generalizing and not sure where to go next, here are a list of terms that might work – amazing, talented, smart, funny, genuine… take your pick!  I found that “Moms who Blog” is also a good term if you do need to generalize.

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