More Customers are Talking

Last week Bazaarvoice held the inaugural version of its 2008 Social Commerce  Summit. A lot of organizations host Web 2.0 summits with buzzwords, hype new technologies, or try and sell you something. This was different. Bazaarvoice pulled together a mix of customers, partners, and thought leaders—all focused on sharing how user- generated content plays a role in business. And challenging the audience of future ways a customer's voice will improve your business (everything from your company's website, your advertising, and what it means to your employees).

I caught up with Bazaarvoice's Chief Marketing Officer, Sam Decker, who shared his thoughts with me on this video. I ask him about  the concept of "Customer Oxygen" which illustrates how user generated content can permeate a business and change its culture. Here's  his recap of the event.

Ze Frank was also onhand to provide his perspective on how companies are now starting to listen and embrace user-generated content. More from him in this video.

About the Author: Sean McDonald