National Call Centers [And Other Service Improvement Ideas] Fri. May. 18, 2007

The IdeaStorm community has suggested a variety of ideas about how Dell can improve our global call center network and the service and support that we provide to our customers. We agree with those of you who say that we haven’t done as well as we could in this area, but we’re making some good progress – and we have some updates to share with you, based on your feedback.

  • In the coming year, we will continue to increase the number of support team members in our consumer technical support group in North America. We expect to have approximately 2,000 consumer agents in North America by mid-year, as a result of the addition and continued growth of our customer contact centers.
  • We understand that first and foremost, customers want resolution to their problems. However, there are times when accent and pronunciation can also become an issue. So, we are focused on improving resolution and to further improve the support experience, we have recently implemented new English-language verbal and written fluency testing as a part of our hiring process. If candidates do not meet our improved language standard, they are not hired into Dell.
  • We've recently done a number of other things to improve our service and support, and we hope you are starting to see the difference. Read today's Direct2Dell post by Hunter, Vice President of Consumer Customer Experience and Support, for more on improvements Dell has made in the last six months, and what the early results look like so far.

We are also exploring some interesting ideas that we think will help improve service and support – and we’d like your feedback on them:

  • Geeks to Grandmas: Service Customization. We’re considering the idea of allowing customers to self-select their service queue based on their own technical capability, such as "Advanced Computer Knowledge," "Intermediate," or "Beginner," further customizing the support experience.
  • Hello Again: Dedicated Teams . We’re exploring a dedicated team approach for customer support, where a customer would interact with the same people whenever they need customer care or technical support.
  • I’ll Pay for It: Price Packages by Service Level . We’re thinking about an option to allow customers to "buy in” to differentiated packages of service, including from where they choose to have the service delivered.

These ideas we’re considering are based on your feedback. We hope you’ll continue to suggest new ways Dell can do a better job with service and support, and let us know what you think about our progress. Click here to vote and comment on the three ideas listed here.

About the Author: Caroline Dietz Conway