Navigating the Waters of the Telecommunications Industry

Discover the key to establishing a sound foundation for network environments.

We all know the telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving. New advancements in service delivery are quickly driving innovation and capable of bringing limitless opportunities. They have the power to enable our world to overcome obstacles and reach new heights from transforming industries, to enhancing accessibility, and fundamentally changing the way we navigate society.

Telecom operators demand this shift; their customers have increasing expectations for the ways they consume network services that must be met. To push these transformative boundaries, telecom operators must reimagine how they operate their business to innovate service delivery.

Sink or swim?

There is much to consider when deciding the right approach to implement an effective solution to run network functions – too many vendors involved, how to scale the environment while keeping costs down, the need to adopt cloud native solutions – all of which have the potential to create infrastructure deployment challenges if not navigated strategically. At times, determining the right path through network disaggregation can feel like navigating alone across a raging river: dodging alligators, hitting jagged river rocks and struggling to stay afloat amidst the strong currents.

Graphic illustrating numerous technical challenges telecom operators are encountering.
Telecom operators face a series of obstacles that can pose deployment challenges and threaten their ability to quickly accomplish business goals.

Trying to determine how to get from point A to point B takes the focus away from what really matters to the business. It can certainly cause headaches for telecom operators and has the ability to derail operations, but what if it doesn’t need to? With so many hurdles to overcome, wouldn’t it be easier if there was someone trusted to help operators maneuver through the rough waters?

At the helm

Telecom operators don’t need to get stuck in the mud architecting innovative solutions. Having a trusted partner to help navigate this shift can make all the difference in how they grow their business. Dell Technologies has the global scale, resources and expertise to help quickly achieve business goals despite the uncertain waters.

Operators have trusted us for years with their IT needs, and we recognize that their businesses have unique objectives they are  looking to drive in this space. More agility and flexibility for their environment is needed to scale and monetize service delivery. The ability to tailor services based on each operator’s preferences and achieve unique outcomes is critical to their ongoing success.

Our expertise in building cloud infrastructure solutions and the work we have been doing for decades to drive digital transformation for our customers is key to helping operators achieve their goals. By leveraging years of best practices and adapting them to meet these requirements, we are fully invested in facilitating telecom operators on this journey in an expanded capacity.

A simple path forward

We are launching Dell ProDeploy for NFVI to accelerate the delivery of a modern telecommunications network at scale. We provide a combination of expert factory integration and field deployment options to ensure an efficient installation of compute and network infrastructure fit for telecom operators’ needs. ProDeploy for NFVI offers multivendor deployment options including implementation of cloud software platforms from leading vendors to fully enable open solutions across a disaggregated and virtualized environment.

Operators choose deployment options they value based on their specific environment to drive the desired outcomes they’re looking to achieve. Operators can expect the same robust deployment with consistent results, regardless of the options chosen. ProDeploy for NFVI utilizes the proven tenets of the ProDeploy Enterprise Suite to achieve 4x faster planning and deployment time¹ for a seamless, efficient end-to-end deployment.

Dell Services can also leverage both the expertise and access to Dell Telecom Multi-Cloud Foundation to accelerate solution implementation.

Effective service delivery is dependent on the ability to implement a solid foundation for the network environment. Dell Services can simplify the journey to an open ecosystem by maneuvering the changing landscape and accelerating technology adoption. With decades of expertise in scalable, global deployment, we are the trusted partner to assist in meeting operators’ goals quickly, on their terms.

¹ Based on a September 2020 Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell Technologies comparing in-house deployment vs. Dell EMC ProDeploy for Enterprise deployment service. Actual results will vary. Full report.

Pratik Mehta

About the Author: Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta is a Dell Technologies Services Senior Product Manager. He leads professional services offers for enterprise infrastructure and network solutions. Previously, he was the Networking and Wireless Product Manager in the Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions Group. Pratik also brings with him extensive industry and partner engagement experience. Pratik has served in numerous strategic, business and technical roles in the IT, computing and data acquisition industries. He has a plethora of industry experience, delivering innovative products and solutions for both large global brands and disruptive startups. Pratik holds MBA and MSEE degrees, and over 25 patents.