Need Help Archiving Your Big Data?

The impact that exponential data growth is having on the eDiscovery process has been dramatic in recent years. This increase in data has cancelled out the amount of time and money companies once could save by utilizing just standard archiving technologies. This calls for an archiving technology that can provide a scalable and sustainable solution with optimized searchability.

EMC SourceOne stands out among the competition as one of these archiving vendors that can provide such a solution. In a 2014 Radicati Report on Enterprise Information Archiving, EMC was ranked as one of the top players in the market.


A major reason that EMC was placed in the leader quadrant is that EMC not only can offer a one stop solution for all corporate information lifecycle needs ranging from storage, backup, archiving to eDiscovery, but it also is uniquely designed to address big data workloads.

SourceOne is an integrated archiving platform that helps organizations capture, preserve, manage and protect massive amounts of files. Trusted by more than 4000 customers worldwide, it has been proven effective in managing some of the world’s most demanding big data environments. In addition to that, SourceOne continues to pioneer innovation in its 2015 roadmap in search, analytics and scalability to help customers meet the challenges posed by big data.

Radicati also stated that EMC combines SourceOne, Pivotal analytics for big data, and a VCE converged infrastructure to leverage archived emails and documents for more than compliance and eDiscovery reporting. SourceOne enables lawyers and IT departments to do their work efficiently despite the ever growing amount of data.

“EMC email archiving solution helps us solve the internal audits and email compliance requirements. Now we can search the archived emails quickly, and reduce the discovery time to several minutes.” said a employee of an IT department of a leading Chinese logistics company, one of the early adopters of SourceOne solution in China.

You can find more information about SourceOne here.

About the Author: Jennifer Zhou