New Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300: Big Opportunities to Address Commercial and ROBO Needs

Protecting mission-critical data can be a big job for small and medium-size businesses, where resources of time and money are limited. Even for large enterprises, protecting the data of departments, remote offices and branch offices can be a juggling act. After all, data continues to explode from all kinds of sources, especially applications and infrastructure. At the same time, the need for economical, fast, flexible and scalable backup and recovery for data has never been greater, especially in times of increasing cyber threats, strict retention requirements and ever-tightening budgets.

This market situation has created a big opportunity for our Dell EMC partners to help these customers with a superior, entry-level, data protection system: Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300. This newest member of the Data Domain family replaces the existing entry-level system DD2200, yet it provides much more value in terms of performance and capability. The Data Domain DD3300 is:

  • 3x more scalable1 than the closest competitor, with up to 4.8PB of logical capacity with cloud storage
  • Cloud-ready2, with support for Data Domain Cloud Tier software that natively tiers de-duplicated data to the cloud with up to 2x the capacity of its active tier

Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 is small — just 2U — to minimize rack space requirements, but within that small frame it delivers powerful data protection capabilities for a wide range of workloads, including virtualized applications. For long-term cloud retention, DD3300 supports Data Domain Cloud Tier and does not require a cloud gateway. DD Cloud Tier takes advantage of Data Domain’s advanced deduplication, which delivers an average storage reduction rate of 10–55x3, depending on the data type. DD3300’s deduplication can reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 98 percent4 during replication.

The DD3300 offers multi-site scalability for many application, even those virtualized with different hypervisors. It can cover many diverse workloads across different locations, whether branch offices or the cloud. Extensive API support can enable users to automate data protection for specific applications. What’s more, it offers a single point of management to simplify administration and conserve IT staff time for more strategic project work.

Available in 4TB, 16TB and 32TB models, the DD3300 can be easily upgraded as an organization’s data protection needs grow. DD Cloud Tier allows users to expand capacity in 1TB increments, so they can adopt a pay-as-you-grow alignment of costs with growth. Together with affordable pricing, these financial options offer Dell EMC partners plenty of ways to tailor data protection solutions based on the DD3300 for the needs of just about any size customer.

The Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 can help Dell EMC partners’ open doors for three specific types of market opportunities:

  1. New users who need an affordable, entry-level data protection solution that can grow with them, or large enterprises needing to protect the data of remote and branch offices
  2. Current DD2200 users who want to gain faster throughput, more automation and cloud-tiering capabilities in their data protection infrastructure
  3. New and current customers who need help in setting up Data Domain Cloud Tier software, in deploying DD Boost software and in replicating across multiple sites

In addition, the performance of Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 is maximized when paired with Dell EMC Data Protection software. Many small and medium-size customers might prefer Dell EMC partners to implement and optimize this solution for them, so they can maximize their deduplication benefits and take advantage of Dell EMC’s modern, intelligent user interface.

To find out more about how the Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 can help you win new customers and serve your current ones better, visit enablement center and Data Protection Partner Sales Plays.

Additionally, access the Data Protection Partner Campaign Playbook for the latest English only marketing assets including; Infographics, a Social Media Kit, Customer Emails, an On-Demand Webcast and a short video around the new Data Domain DD3300.


1 Based on Dell EMC analysis of the publicly available specs for DD3300 and HPE StoreOnce 3540, October 2017.

2 Based on internal analysis, November 2016.

3 ESG Whitepaper sponsored by Dell EMC, “The Economic Value of Data Domain,” May 2017. Average deduplication rate based on analysis of 12 call-home support data for active Dell EMC customers, with environments ranging from 270TB to 90PT. Actual performance will vary.

4 Based on internal analysis, July 2017.

About the Author: Cindy Spring