New Dell SuperMassive 9800: Defense In-Depth Enterprise Next-Gen Firewall

Every organization is faced with issue of security, as breaches and new exploits continue to fill our daily headlines, such as Shellshock, you can’t escape hackers’ relentless methods of penetrating traditional perimeter defense. Sophisticated attackers identify their victim, plan their reconnaissance of the perimeter, then circumvent the only line-of-defense (the perimeter firewall), and once they breach the perimeter-  have all of the time in the world to laterally move around to find valuable digital assets. This is where an additional layer of defense is critical in blocking threats, another line of defense for the IT infrastructure. Today at Dell Security Peak Performance, Dell launched the new Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9800, next-generation firewall.

The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9800 sets new standards in form factor and next-generation firewall processing capabilities. With more than 64 cores processing for a combined clock rate of 76.8 Ghz, it can perform full deep packet inspection (DPI) at line rate speeds, which is now standard at 10 Gbps. The SuperMassive 9800 is also impressively architected with advanced Layer 2 deployment capabilities. Furthermore the Dell-SonicWALL RFDPI engine, which implements a stream based inspection methodology, allows the 9800 to inspect each packet without being hampered by any buffering mechanisms. This results in inspecting all forms of data transfer without any restrictions to file sizes – which means that it’s specifically built to scan Internet flowing traffic, corporate data traffic and the ever growing East-to-West datacenter traffic.

In conjunction with the launch of the SuperMassive 9800, comes the new Dell SonicOS 6.2, which provides the 9800 with all of the latest enterprise features (i.e. IPv6, Active-Active High Availability, Dynamic Routing and many others). This gives Dell’s 9800 the power to be deployed into the most demanding enterprise perimeters. For example, the Dell SuperMassive 9800 can be deployed in a Wire mode configuration, which simply means that it can be inserted almost invisibly throughout the IT infrastructure, allowing it avoid all forms of reconnaissance probes (from hackers) and providing instant setup and compatibility into network environments where most NGFW simply cannot exists. This is exactly what our partners and customers are asking for.

"With more than 37 schools and 15,000 students to protect, our school district has needed to take significant strides in deploying the best and most cost-effective IT security solutions available. One of our immediate priorities was to protect our students and faculty against malware by consolidating Internet connectivity to a single egress point for better application control. It was clear that overall, we needed a high speed NGFW that was capable of processing inspection traffic at very high throughput rates, and allowed us to centralize traffic management and security policies while saving costs. Having already experienced the significant value in deep packet inspection with the Dell NSA firewalls currently securing all of our schools' perimeters, we knew the SuperMassive 9800 would extend these capabilities while providing us the next level in functionality to give us exactly what we needed." said Brian Sullivan, Senior Network Security Systems Administrator, Aspire Schools.

“The enterprise organizations we work with are realizing they are the newest targets for external threats, which is forcing them to effectively protect themselves in the same manner as the biggest companies in the world," said Frank Zappolo, the VP of Sales at CSDnet. “We recognize Dell’s leadership when it comes to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation firewalls, and we see this new product in the SuperMassive 9000 series uniquely filling this gap for both mid-size and enterprise companies.”

Dell’s network security is consistently recognized as a leader with third-party validation for a third consecutive “NSS Recommended” award in the 2014 NGFW test!

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About the Author: Daniel Cole