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Hi, I'm John Joseph.  I recently joined Dell during its acquisition of EqualLogic, where I was vice president of marketing for 5 years.  It's been an amazing experience since 2003 when we worked to convince people that iSCSI SAN technology was real, and would cut the cost and complexity of deploying networked storage for IT. Five years later, we're a reference platform for VMware environments, we have nearly 4,000 customers in more than 30 countries and we're on the eve of bringing EqualLogic's products to the world on a massive scale as part of the Dell family. I'm excited, and Dell's reception has had a lot to do with it. The kind words, incredible enthusiasm and support of the Dell employees that I've met so far have been fantastic.

What truly excites me about this opportunity is our ability to share with the world the experience that our customers have had with our products, partners, and employees.  The reason for this is that our customers are best situated to say what makes the EqualLogic PS Series so unique.  And thankfully, they are usually eager to tell their story. 

Be assured we're not satisfied to sit on our laurels and wait for people to come to us.  We are well aware that serving a larger customer base can only be done by making the investments necessary to keep them delighted with Dell EqualLogic storage.  This includes expanding our support team while continuing their exceptional customer care, and making our VAR channel stronger, better trained, and profitably happy. Further, the technology innovation cannot stop. Look for us to enrich our storage management capabilities, broaden our application and third party integration, and build out end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Here's a vlog where I talk a bit more about what customers can expect from Dell and EqualLogic in the future.

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The latest example of our continuing product improvement came today in the new PS5000E array for that packs 16 TB into our standard 3U chassis – that's nearly 50% more capacity per modular array.  EqualLogic engineering, run by my partner in crime Paula Long, worked tirelessly to test, beat, bang on, stress, retest, and QA these cutting edge drives so that the Dell EqualLogic PS Series begins its new life with industry-leading terabyte-drive technology on a unified hardware platform. 

If you think that's cool – stay tuned. We'll have more details to share on the new Dell EqualLogic products coming soon. For Dell storage, things are only going to get better.

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