New Gartner Research on Embedded iPaaS

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Gartner recently released a new report titled Benefits and Drawbacks of iPaaS as an 'Embedded' Feature of Cloud Services, which will prove interesting reading for Dell Boomi followers. So interesting that Dell Boomi is making it available to you for complimentary viewing.

Many ISVs are embedding iPaaS integration services into their solutions. They understand the value that integration adds to their core offerings, and they are bundling, implementing and managing integrations as part of their offerings. Several major ISVs have selected Dell Boomi’s iPaaS solution (e.g., Dell Boomi AtomSphere) to power these integration offerings.

In this important research paper Gartner urges organizations to embrace a holistic cloud services integration strategy .As you begin thinking about a more holistic integration strategy, please engage with Dell Boomi. Our iPaaS platform delivers comprehensive integration capabilities for cloud integration, on-premise data integration (e.g., ETL use cases), as well as EDI/B2B. Dell Boomi provides one platform requiring only one skill set for all your integration needs.

One of the most compelling elements of a holistic strategy powered by Dell Boomi is centralized management and monitoring of all your distributed integration processes. This gives you a single dashboard—as well as email alerts—to always know the health of your active integrations regardless of where they are executing: in the cloud, on-premise or at your ISV’s facility. Yes, if one of our ISV partners is managing integrations for you, we can pull that process into your dashboard—that’s a holistic integration strategy!

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Topics in this article