New Monitor Additions Enhance Home Entertainment and Everyday Computing

Dell has expanded our existing range of consumer monitors to meet our customers’ increasing demand for a better home and small office computing and entertainment experience. We understand that customers want to watch movies, browse the web and run their businesses from the comfort of their homes, so we took efforts to design monitors that don’t just look beautiful but are cleverly functional too. We want to ensure that different customer segments needs are met, and therefore added a new range of screen sizes from 21.5” to 24” with different speaker and port options to choose from.

Dell 24 Monitor (SE2416H)

The new Dell 22 Monitor (S2216H/M) and Dell 23 Monitor (S2316H/M) comes equipped with sleek screens to optimize clarity and are 33 percent less reflective than their predecessors, while also sporting even thinner bezels with bezel widths almost half as thin as their predecessors. For our customers on a budget, the Dell 24 Monitor (SE2416H) and the Dell 22 Monitor (SE2216H/HV) are great options for affordable everyday computing.

Engineered for an engaging visual and audio experience, Dell’s new S2216H and S2316H monitors offer a sleek screen with ultra-thin bezels, great audio from dual integrated 3W speakers, consistent colors across an ultra-wide viewing angle, and optimal screen clarity with minimal reflection. All this and a stylish, elegant design that’s the perfect fit for professionals who work and play at home.

Our new SE2416H and SE2216H monitors let customers enjoy a stylishly designed monitor that’s a great fit for dorms or a home office environment. Customers can enjoy an excellent view with rich, vibrant colors and an ultra-wide viewing angle that allows family and friends to share the same great view no matter where they sit or stand in front of the screen. Essential connectivity compatible with legacy and current PCs completes the experience.

We are excited to welcome these newest additions to our consumer displays portfolio to offer a full range of choices for customers.

Our designs are based around our customers’ needs and we encourage you to participate in the conversation in the comments section below, or send your thoughts via Twitter to @Dell. Learn more at

About the Author: Vinay Asdhir

Vinay leads Dell’s Displays business unit’s global marketing and is responsible for developing the product roadmap, go-to-market strategies, marketing launch activities, product lifecycle management, outbound marketing, competitive analysis and benchmarking and pricing for monitors.