New Premium Support Offers Individuals Tech Support Without the Hassle

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We all have social circles – our family and friends who we love and spend time with. Almost all of them, regardless of age or technical abilities, use computers. And when they need help, what does my social circle do? Call me. Because of my technology background, I am the technical support guy, but the good news is retirement is in my future! Dell’s new Premium Support, announced today, redefines Customer Support by providing a simplified, hassle-free experience through proactive, automated support across hardware and software.

Imagine this… your hard drive is about to fail. In many cases, before you experience a complete failure and lose important data, like photos, videos and financial documents, our technicians will call you, walk you through a backup plan and schedule an onsite visit to help solve your issue or even automatically send you a new hard drive. In fact, Dell Premium Support reduces the amount of time customers spend on the phone to resolve common hardware issues by up to 90 percent over competitors.

Premium Support takes the guess work out of Support by providing the services that consumers need and care about most and at an affordable price. With our proactive automated SupportAssist technology, customers are alerted about issues before they even likely know they exist, helping problems get solved dramatically faster and before they become more critical – something no other competitive plan offers.

With Premium Support you also get:  

  • 24×7 direct access to Dell experts through phone, chat and online
  • A single dedicated expert for help with both hardware and software issues including assistance with upgrades such as Windows 10 slated for later this year
  • Onsite support for hardware issues that cannot be resolved remotely
  • Pricing starting at $39 per year, per system

Premium Support is great news for all of the social circle IT support people like me and another great example of how Dell is innovating to provide a better experience for our customers.  Now when my daughter calls it’s not to ask for help on her PC, but to talk about school.

To learn more about this game changing support plan from Dell go to:

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Topics in this article