Newport City Homes save 20 per cent through Unified Communications

nch It takes a lot of work to get a new idea or project off the ground, but it can also be exciting and liberating to start with a blank canvas – especially when you’re working for a good cause. We recently got a chance to hear this firsthand when we spoke to Neil Jones, Head of Information Systems at the newly-created social housing landlord Newport City Homes (NCH).

The organisation has a remit to improve the quality of homes, communities and lives of people in Newport and to do this it needed a new datacentre and a unified communications strategy. The new solution consisted of a Microsoft Unified Communication solution, Windows 7 and a partially virtualized datacentre with refreshed laptops and desktops for staff. Introducing a unified communications system that fits across all applications has really made a difference to the organisation, including:

  • A cut in call waiting times of around 80 per cent
  • Overall project costs cut by 20 per cent
  • A comprehensive view of everyone available throughout the organisation
  • Faster access to residents information
  • Integration with Windows Mobiles, saves call costs and improves communications with mobile employees
  • Saving of around £50,000 capital

This means work gets done faster and it takes less than a minute to connect customers to the right advisor, which means that the team at NCH can start as it means to go on – delivering a great service that will transform housing in Newport.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady