“Not Just a Call Center”

We were lucky enough for one of our sales leaders, Ryan Massimo, share his thoughts about sales and your future at Dell.


“I like the phrase “Not Just a Call Center”.  Reason being that I can definitely relate to that statement.


When I started at Dell as an Inside Sales Rep, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew I was great at talking to people but I really wanted a Marketing job.  I thought sales would be a great way to get involved with a large company so I gave it a try.


I found that I loved sales.  The competitive spirit, team based environment, and the exposure to Dell’s products and customers was really exciting.  I realized that sales is not only a gateway into a big company, it was also the best way to learn about Dell.  I knew that the experiences I would gain in sales would help me throughout my entire career at Dell.


I was also extremely impressed with the amount of focus Dell takes in an agent’s career development.    As a sales rep, my manager and I would have consistent 1×1 meetings where we would discuss professional strengths, opportunities and actions that would help me develop into a future leader of the company.  This is again something that I thought would be foreign to a “Call Center”.  Now I have a project role in our consumer org and the experiences I gained on the sales floor help me be much more successful in my current role.”

About the Author: Lauren Archer