Ohio Considers Electronic Recycling Legislation

The Ohio legislature is considering legislation that would require producers of certain electronic products to provide free recycling to consumers when those products reach the end of their useful lives.   State Rep. Dennis Murray (D-Sandusky) is the sponsor of HB 447 which is currently in the OH House Committee on Environment and Brownfield Development, chaired by State Rep. Dale Mallory (D-Cincinnati).  I testified on behalf of Dell at a recent hearing for supporters of the bill, along with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Sierra Club.  Dell supports the bill as part of its global recycling program to provide free recycling of Dell products to our customers.  If Ohio passes HB 447, it will be the seventh state to enact a recyling law placing the responsibility for operating recycling programs on producers, rather than on governments.  The seven states are Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Michigan, Virginia and West Virginia.  Once the bill is passed by the House, it must then go to the OH Senate, where additional hearings will be held.  

About the Author: Fran Valluzzo