On the Value of Adaptation for a New Set of Customers

After six years working in the government and public services division of a large corporation in China, Xing Liu knew she was ready to use her skills to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. She was looking for a new venture and joined the Beijing New-Trend Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. team in 2006 at a time when the growing company was facing increasingly fierce competition in the marketplace. Xing knew that a transformation was necessary, urgently needed, and the exact challenge she was looking for.

New-Trend was established in 2002, and after years of science and technology development, the company had become the agent of many well-known IT products. In order to set themselves apart from the competition, Xing and the New-Trend team decided to go after government and enterprise clients, with a focus on providing integrated IT solutions and professional technical advisory services.

"In the early stages of growth," said Xing, "the company’s biggest advantage was to have a large number of quality customers. However, with the increasingly fierce competition, the company has needed to improve and strengthen itself in order to adapt to market changes and customer’s demands for increasingly technical capabilities as well as possess a good understanding of future trends.”

New-Trend quickly learned that government clients have different requirements than others, and often come with much more complex project regulations and guidelines. These rigorous projects required much broader IT capabilities. In 2007, faced with more complex and changing needs of their customers, New-Trend officially partnered with Dell, utilizing servers, storage, cloud computing and total solutions packages.

"For almost three years now, Dell's commercial channel team has been very good, possessing very stable management and a clear, concise channel policy. The technical engineering training has been continuous and has worked very effectively. As a partner with Dell, we have been benefitted greatly," said Xing.

The Results

After years of cooperation with Dell, New-Trend service capabilities have been greatly improved. With Dell's help, the New-Trend team has continued to invest in scalable IT that grows their business, cultivates better IT talent and improve its IT test environment. Additionally, Dell's effective training programs have assisted in New-Trend’s transformation into a provider of easy IT solutions. As a result, New-Trend won the Dell PartnerDirect Excellence Award in the field of storage.

"Although the competition in the IT industry is white-hot at the moment, with the help of Dell, New-Trend's sales have increased year to year. Initially a simple PC, laptop supplier, the progressive transformation to a higher technological content server, with storage products, and even cloud computing solutions capabilities has helped Dell to provide customers with products of an increasingly high value. This is truly a win-win situation for everyone," Xing explained.

Lessons Learned

A company’s ability to adapt with changes within an industry and change of clientele is pertinent to its success and competitive edge.

"Applications in the data center, mobile, cloud computing, large data and the data evolution of the industry as well as the evolution of suppliers of IT equipment into full end-to-end solution providers will make them more important than ever before", said Xing. “Because of all of these things, we particularly cherish the valuable partnership we have forged with Dell.”

After more than ten years of ups and downs and dealing with the boundless flood of information technology in China, New-Trend has worked with a number of international IT and government organizations. By choosing a partner like Dell, New-Trend can keep a distinctive eye on the future and continue making a lasting impression on their customers.

About the Author: Ingrid Vanderveldt