One on One with Michael Dell

Last week Lionel published a blog post about – a live web TV channel for small businesses in the UK. On the second show this week the show will include a pre-recorded interview with our founder and CEO to get his perspective and advice for small businesses in this tough economic climate. After all, back in 1984, Dell (or PC Limited as it was known then) was a small business itself.

In the interview, Michael spends time looking back at some of the biggest challenges he’s faced and where he sees the company going in the future. It’s a fascinating insight. Michael also takes some time to give advice to people looking to start their own business, and gives his thoughts on what companies should do in tough times. Looking past the prevalent doom and gloom being reported in the media daily, there are clearly opportunities out there for those companies prepared to find them and harness them.

The video with Michael was pre-recorded, however the remainder of the show is live web TV and we have Andrew Stone, small business features editor from The Sunday Times as our special guest this week. Visit www.smallbusinessadvice.TV to see our next episode and Michael’s interview. The show airs live at 1pm UK time on Thursday, December 4 (8am CDT), with the content available on demand shortly after the live broadcast.

About the Author: James Gibb