Online Tech Support Enhancements Now Available Outside the United States

We've offered the ability for U.S. customers to troubleshoot by topic for a while now. Recently though, we expanded the functionality to customers in several regions outside the United States, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Below is a translated version of a Direct2Dell Chinese post from Dell's APJ eSupport Project Manager Hanks Zhang.

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Guided Path Now Available on

by Hanks Zhang, APJ eSupport Project Manager is a virtual helpdesk with powerful tools designed for Home Users and IT Professionals. The portal offers searchable support FAQs, Tech Notes, and detailed technical specifications and compatibility information for your Dell system. Sometimes we receive some feedback from customers saying they have difficulties in finding their solutions on website. Here we launched the new troubleshooting tool—Guided Path in Asia Pacific website last week.

Guided Path is an immersive, conversational user experience that will guide customers to the top solutions for issues they are seeing through a unique user-friendly modal interface. Guided Path is meant to address findability issues for customers, and truly bring a unique and improved online experience to those seeking technical support or customer care online.

Here I would like to give an example to show how to use Guided Path to troubleshoot the issues. Example, the monitor of my computer is dim, I have no idea how to adjust it. What I need to do is:

Step 1, go to, click ‘Technical Support’ on the homepage.

Step 2, choose ‘I am having problems with my monitor or display’

Tech Support - Laptop FAQ Issue List

Step 3, choose ‘I am having issues with my laptop screen.’

Tech Support - Laptop Screen

Step 4, choose ‘I am having issues with an LCD monitor or laptop screen’

Tech Support - Laptop Screen Page 2

Step 5, the final solution for my issue!

Tech Support - All Done

The initial launch is in English, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Korean. Please go to to experience “Guided Path”.

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