Optimizing power to blade servers

The name Dell is virtually synonymous with servers, but did you know that Dell also offers power protection, backup power and power distribution products for those servers?

As part of our overall power and cooling strategy, Dell offers some of the industry’s highest-efficiency power infrastructure solutions:

Dell line interactive and online uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) provide reliable, computer-grade power to match the power requirements of Dell blade servers and other systems.  High-efficiency operation (up to 97 percent) saves on power and cooling.

Dell UPSs offer many of the same features you expect from Dell blade servers, such as at-a-glance insight into system status.

Dell power distribution units (PDUs) deliver the power density, voltage/amperage load and receptacle count needed for blade deployments globally – without taking up valuable U space in the rack.

You can power two PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis from a single Dell rack-mounted vertical PDU.  Get plug-and-play flexibility to handle moves, adds and changes without an electrician.

Dell rack power solutions are an especially strong choice for protecting Dell blade servers.  These are the only power products designed to:

  • Harmonize with Dell equipment.
  • Integrate with Dell management systems.
  • Use familiar Dell interfaces for monitoring and administration.

With a Dell rack power infrastructure, you can have a single source for IT equipment and the power to fuel it, covered by Dell’s industry leading three-year warranty.

With a broad range of choice in power ratings, form factor, power interfaces and monitoring capabilities, you can establish the blade power infrastructure that best serves your needs.  For example, one organization might have one or two 5600W UPSs connected directly to the blade chassis with no PDU.  Another might distribute the power from a building UPS to an 8.6kW vertical-mount PDU in the rack, powering blades via 21 C13 receptacles and six C19 receptacles.  An organization that wants to streamline the power infrastructure would benefit from any of the 42U, metered, three-phase PDUs connected directly to the building UPS.

In a few simple steps – with the help of online tools at dellups.com – it is easy to select the best UPS and PDU models for your needs. Many factors weigh into the choice, but you don’t need to juggle all the details. Just answer some basic questions, and the tools can quickly narrow down the options to identify the best products to complement your configuration.

Find out more about how you can optimize power protection and power distribution for your Dell blade servers.  Download the white paper, Power to Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Server Enclosures.

About the Author: Joy Ruff