Optio Data Emerges in the Midwest as a Dell-Exclusive VAR

Editor’s Note: When the Dell Business unit of Great Lakes Computer spun off to form Optio Data, a Dell-exclusive VAR, our team was very excited and wanted to learn more about how the decision was made. Since Optio Data is a Premier Partner in our PartnerDIrect program, we asked Jeff Stevens, VP of Sales and Marketing at Optio Data to share their story. Here’s perspective from Jeff:


Jeff Stevens - Optio Data VP of Sales and MarketingJust a few weeks old and already one of the largest Dell Value Added Resellers (VAR) in the nation? Who is Optio Data?

Originally the Dell business unit of Great Lakes Computer, Optio Data evolved as Great Lakes became one of the largest Dell partners in the country. Our momentum continued as we partnered on strategic initiatives such as the Dell Roadshow, a co-hosted Dell-exclusive technology event that traveled to cities throughout the Midwest.

As a result of our rapid growth in Dell business, it became apparent we needed to further align our dedicated Dell resources by forming a new technology company. On January 1st, 2013 we achieved this goal by spinning off our Dell business unit from Great Lakes Computer and forming a Dell-exclusive VAR known as Optio Data.

When asked what was behind the strategy to form Optio Data, Optio’s VP of Communications stated: “We realized soon after becoming a Dell partner that the market was different. Dell’s current model gives us the opportunity to improve the customer experience by managing complex projects and successfully integrating the vast array of Dell products into their environment. By forming Optio Data, we will bring pre-sales support, consistent pricing and professional services to the Dell customer. We will make the Dell relationship stronger."

Supported by a 60,000 square foot warehouse, logistics, integration, and POC center, Optio Data offers unique benefits ranging from delivery and implementation services for the myriad of Dell technologies, to improving product lead times with our on-hand Dell inventory. Having core competencies in Private Cloud Infrastructure, Data Management and Technology Integration, all centered on the Dell portfolio, Optio Data offers a long list of resources to the Dell customer.

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