Oracle VMware Solution and Dell Data Protection – Better Together

Delivering better business outcomes with simplified hybrid multicloud data security.

The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius is believed by many to have said, “Life is really simple, we just insist on making it complicated.” The same can be said for hybrid multicloud computing. Many organizations have gone through the enormous effort of refactoring their applications to work natively in the public cloud when much simpler options are available.

Take for instance Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS).

VMware virtual machines (VMs) generally operate the same way in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution as they do on-premises, typically eliminating the need to refactor applications for the cloud. The same VMware tools and operational processes are used to manage VMs wherever they reside, making management of your hybrid multicloud workloads much simpler.

But it gets better; when you pair Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with Dell multicloud data protection and security solutions, you get the operational consistency, simplicity and efficiency with a cloud deployment and the added security to help protect critical workloads across your hybrid cloud environment.

“The integration of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and the Dell Data Protection Suite, can help customers secure critical workloads residing in the cloud or on-premises with simplicity and efficiency while optimizing their hybrid multicloud environments,” said David Hicks, group vice president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. “We look forward to our continued work together.”

Organizations are utilizing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with the Dell Data Protection Suite to extend their IT operations into the Oracle Cloud to enhance their business agility while ensuring the protection and security of their critical workloads and data.

In addition to delivering a consistent hybrid multicloud operational experience, Dell cloud data protection and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution have several unique capabilities worthy of mention:

    • VMware operational control: In Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, customers have ESXi root credentials. This gives customers complete control over VMware upgrades in their cloud environment and enables them to use the same VMware tools for managing VMware provisioning, storage and lifecycle policies in the cloud as they do on-premises. This level of control helps ensure operational consistency across hybrid cloud environments.
    • Cloud-efficient protection: In addition to delivering direct integration with VMware vSphere environments to auto-detect and auto-protect VMware workloads (VMs and Kubernetes containers), Dell multicloud data protection solutions deliver efficient ways to protect data on-premises and add to the built-in security in Oracle Cloud with data deduplication that reduces the physical storage footprint required to store and archive critical data. When combined with application direct technologies, organizations can also minimize the payload of data transfers to and from the cloud as well as between cloud regions – helping to reduce cloud egress costs.
    • Database adjacent services: Once your data is in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, all OCI cloud services, including OCI’s database services, are immediately adjacent to your VMware workloads in the Oracle Cloud. This makes it easy for database administrators and developers to leverage database services to speed up application development, run fast queries to support on-demand data analytics, or to test DR recovery capabilities using solutions like Dell PowerProtect Data Manager to orchestrate recoveries in the cloud.
    • Manage and protect traditional and modern workloads: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports VMware Tanzu Standard Edition, giving organizations a consistent way to deploy and manage Kubernetes containers across hybrid cloud environments. Likewise, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager enables organizations to automate the protection of Kubernetes containers in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution environments to help protect containers and VMs anywhere they reside. In addition, Data Manager provides self-service capabilities through the UI and open APIs to reduce IT administrative overhead and empower key end-users like developers to protect and recover their own workloads.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and Dell multicloud data protection and security solutions give organizations an easy way to extend their on-premises production VMware workloads into the Oracle Cloud without the added complexity of application refactoring or the need to use a completely different set of management and data security tools to address application SLAs. This potent combination helps simplify IT and delivers the flexibility organizations need to stay agile in the data era.

About the Author: Colm Keegan

If there is one thing I have learned in my IT career, whether as a systems administrator, enterprise sales rep, industry analyst or as a marketing professional, it's to always LISTEN to the customer. In this age of digital disruption, the voice of the customer is clear. They want IT to be simple so that they can focus on the important things like helping the business innovate and spending more quality time with their families. In my role at Dell Technologies, I strive to communicate how Dell is delivering the forward thinking solutions needed to simplify IT and protect the business so organizations can focus on innovation and doing what's best for THEIR customers.