Organize the Sales Pages By Need, Not Product Line

Thanks for your input on the organization and navigation of our e-commerce Web site. We received significant feedback with a variety of ideas about how we can make the pages easier and simpler for you to find what you need. We are currently incorporating your ideas into our work on a new design that will include a 'needs based' approach for consumers navigating The new site design will make it easier for those customers who may need help or assistance to find what they need. And we will add a faster, more simple purchase process for those individuals that already know exactly what they want, while continuing to offer a more detailed purchase process for those individuals that want to see all their options and product details. Work on the new site design has already started, and we welcome your continued input on how we can make it easier to find what you need on We hope to launch the new site design later this year.

Update 4-23-08: Assistance Seeker has successfully passed beta! (It can be found under the Computer Selector banner)

Now customers can make selections in four different areas. By matching user needs, the page dynamically interacts based on selections and computer configurations – optimizing the browsing experience.

Assistance Seeker is the first step in allowing our users to shop by need rather than price. Stay tuned for more as we continue to gather feedback to ensure that our navigation matches the needs of our users.

About the Author: Caroline Dietz Conway