Our Global Green IT/Power & Cooling Discussion

I've been on the road in China most of this week and had a great opportunity to meet with journalists and analysts during an event in Beijing. My discussion with them focused on how we help customers address power and cooling challenges that they face in their data centers. This is a growing global issue – one that IDC refers to as the number one challenge faced by data center managers today.

 Dell takes a comprehensive approach to power and cooling in the data center, taking into account the synergy between equipment, power utilization rates, cooling and software solutions. By doing so, we help customers to "reveal their hidden data centers" – essentially enabling them to identify and take advantage of previously unutilized compute capacity within the same power envelope. Analysis we've done shows that we can help customers increase data center performance by 97 percent using the same space. This holistic approach to energy efficiency enables customers to extend the life of their existing data centers and helps them avoid or postpone costly rip-and-replace infrastructure upgrades or building new facilities.

 You can hear more details from my recent discussion on this topic during The Register's Green Computing Debate. I'm also interested in hearing and answering your questions related to Green IT and power & cooling. Please send your questions my way so we can help you properly address energy efficiency and take the next step toward revealing your hidden data center.  

About the Author: Albert Esser