Participating in Technical Communities Can Enhance Your Career

There are countless technical communities online today. The EMC Community Network is just one of them! Why do they exist? Why are technical communities so popular? A typical answer might be: “From a user’s point of view, a community is a place to share information, collaborate and gain insight and assistance which enables users to grow and increase their knowledge on a variety of topics. From a company’s point of view, it encourages user’s self-service which lowers support costs and helps increase the speed to resolution. That kind of momentum creates valuable communities and keeps them running with fresh content and participation.”

I agree. There are many benefits that online technical communities provide. In addition to these, another, new trend is now emerging in communities that specifically benefits technical engineers: Being able to leverage your online community activities to enhance your resume. What do I mean by that? Actually, it is not a new idea. Select OSS community contributors have made career moves to leading IT companies such as Google.

capture-20160629-102057.pngThe reason why I am very interested in the idea is based on the following recently published by Pivotal . Pivotal shared that, "Gartner is predicting that by 2020, 75% of applications used to support digital business will be built in-house." And I believe it will happen, too. I believe companies will need quality, experienced engineers in the near future within their own organizations. The quality of in-house engineers becomes a differentiator in the industry. But how can companies identify and capture this important human resource?

Perhaps you are currently looking for a good engineer for your business. One candidate shows you his/her great job history via his/her resume. Another candidate shows you his/her recent activities in a specific relevant community where they are actively demonstrating their expertise. There are many factors that go in to choosing the right candidate, but being able to see an engineer’s technical expertise within an online technical support community,provides real-time visibility in to the breadth and depth of their knowledge on a variety of topics and areas.


EMC has introduced many new products for the modern data center. Most of them have cutting- edge technologies and concepts. Please join our community and explore the latest product discussions and recent content. Then, if possible, contribute back to the other community members and share your expertise with us! You’ll not only be benefiting hundreds of thousands of global ECN members, but you’ll also be developing a critical enhancement to your resume as a valuable infrastructure engineer.

Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement


About the Author: Yutaro Uehara

1998 - 2005 worked in NTT Communications (aka NTT) 2007 - joined EMC Australia as a call center agent 2010 - transferred to EMC Japan to start up a new call center in Tokyo 2011(when a huge earthquake hit Japan) - started working as a VNXe support engineer 2012 - launched the Japanese Support Forum in DECN2017 - took over Ask The Expert program admin roleI am working as a program manager of Ask The Expert and moderator/contributor of the Japanese support forum in DECN. Qualifications- EMC Proven Professional [Associate] Data Science Associate [Implementation Engineer - Specialist] Symmetrix Business Continuity Network Attached Storage CLARiiON Solutions Backup Recovery - Avamar [Technology Architect - Specialist] EMC Storage & Information Infrastructure- Commercial Specialist LPIC level3 300,301