Partnering for a Better Planet Today and Tomorrow

JPMorgan Chase and Dell Technologies join forces on e-waste reduction.

JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) and Dell Technologies recently came together to do more than business by partnering for the greater good. The two companies leveraged Dell Trade In to provide JPMC employees with an easy way to trade in old personal electronic devices for reuse and to help reduce e-waste through responsible recycling.

Both companies have aggressive sustainability goals to help protect the environment and grow the circular economy. Through Dell’s 2030 goals, we are committed to taking back any equivalent product for every device we sell, use sustainable materials in products and packaging, and addressing waste and resource constraints. JPMorgan Chase has similar initiatives to help address climate change and promote long-term, innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Sarita Suryavanshi at a Dell Trade In stationThe Dell Global Services team worked with the JPMorgan Chase Global Supplier Services Sustainability team during Earth Week to create pop-up trade-in stations for employees to conveniently bring in old personal tech and learn how they might get credit for their devices that still have resale value or recycle them for free.

“Our team works with several of our large suppliers, such as Dell, to support their sustainability efforts,” said Nick Hamulak, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase. “One of the benefits of this trade-in day is that it got our own colleagues involved both in our own efforts to advance sustainability and see first-hand the commitment of a company like Dell to help the planet and reduce e-waste.”

During the on-site promotion, the Dell Trade In team collected trade-in and recycling devices on-site, saving employees trips to collect packaging and arrange shipping.

Computer and electronics equipment of various brands being turned in to the Dell Trade In program for e-waste recycling. Over these three days, JPMorgan Chase employees cleaned out their closets, full of old tech, and we took in over 500 devices, helping to recover 4,500 pounds of e-waste for responsible recycling. Working together to help protect the planet, one device at a time.

“One of the biggest challenges for anyone is understanding what action to take to reduce e-waste,” said Doug Schmitt, President, Dell Technologies Services. “Dell Trade In solves that dilemma by helping you figure out if your device, Dell or non-Dell, can be refurbished for reuse and if not, we help you responsibly recycle your device for free.”

Hamulak added, “seeing the success that came from this event has inspired us to explore more ways to offer permanent trade-in stations at more JPMorgan Chase locations and encourage our teams to continue to recycle responsibly.”

More on JPMorgan Chase’s sustainability program is available here. Our Trade In program makes it easy for you to trade in your device and receive credit to use on your next Dell purchase. Give it a try on the Dell Trade In page.

Sarita Suryavanshi

About the Author: Sarita Suryavanshi

Sarita leads solutions across the Sustainability Services and Security & Privacy Services portfolios. She is passionate about using innovation to address the ever-growing global e-waste problem. She has led the charge in developing easy-to-use solutions and services, such as Dell Trade In which launched in the US in October 2021 and plans to expand this service globally. She is committed to inspiring everyone to reduce e-waste to protect our planet. This and similar solutions will not only strengthen Dell Technologies’ leadership in sustainability but promote partnerships with larger corporations to do good for the world.