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Just as this year’s Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference began, the U.S. intelligence community got some big news. The world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was killed on the first day of the conference due in large part to the extraordinary efforts of the U.S. defense and intelligence community. Not only was this a proud day for these dedicated public servants, it highlighted the importance of government organizations partnering with the private sector to help bring the most effective and efficient solutions to those who keep us safe. 


Developing open, capable and affordable IT solutions that help our customers address complex problems is a key component to what we featured at this year’s conference. A perfect example of this approach is a solution that generated a great deal of interest, our Mobile Digital Forensics solution. As many of you may have read, there was a great deal of intelligence gathered from bin Laden’s compound in the form of computers and hard drives, as is the case with most crime scenes or raid sites today. Developed in partnership with many of our defense, intelligence, and law enforcement customers, Dell’s Mobile Digital Forensics solution allows them to quickly gather and prioritize digital evidence or intelligence right on the scene leaving no residual presence which is essential to many of our customers. One of the reasons this operation was a success lies in the ability of the U.S. intelligence community to keep its information secure. Developed to help public sector organizations keep their information secure on separate domains, the Dell Integrity Secure Consolidated Client helps agencies keep domains of different sensitivity completely separate on the same PC, eliminating the need for completely separate systems while maintaining the integrity and security of those different domains and protecting the information kept on them.


The benefits of these partnerships extend beyond helping government organizations at the tactical level, Dell is also partnering with government entities to help their entire organization operate more efficiently and allow them use technology as a tool to help them meet shrinking budgets. Michael Dell outlined this initiative, along with IBM CEO, Sam Palmisano, in a Politico editorial late last year. This caught the attention of many at this year’s DoDIIS conference as well, especially when they learned that solutions such as Dell’s Compellent line of storage could not only help them to optimize their performance, but also reduce their storage costs by up to 80% and the expertise offered through Dell Services Federal Government can help to find innovative avenues to optimize their IT environments. Government’s partnership with the private sector helps them to realize many of the benefits of IT solutions developed by a more agile private sector that help them accomplish their mission, and on days like May 1, 2011 we are reminded of just how important those enhanced capabilities can be. At Dell we’re proud to be ahead of the curve in partnering with our government customers to develop the solutions they need to accomplish their mission through more effective and efficient IT solutions.

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Topics in this article