PC Recycling Has to be Free and Easy

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This week, the New York Times reported that New York State joined the list of jurisdictions that have passed laws directed at electronic waste. The law highlights the growing sentiment that all manufacturers should offer free and convenient programs for consumers to return their unwanted PCs and related accessories for responsible recycling or reuse.

The key words here are “free” and “convenient.” Consumers say, both in surveys and with their actions, that they don’t want to pay for electronics recycling and need it to be as easy as possible.  So whether states require it or not, Dell’s programs are designed to meet those demands.

Since 2004, Dell has provided free and convenient PC recycling for consumers worldwide.  The program’s success in our home state of Texas is a testament to its efficacy. In 2009, 85 percent of all PCs recycled in the state came through one of Dell’s free, convenient recycling channels. In the U.S., those include:

  • Recycling for free from home:  Give us an address, and a Dell shipper will pick up your unwanted Dell equipment. We'll pick up any Dell product for free anywhere in the U.S. through FedEx's Package Return Program.
  • Recycling for free at Goodwill and Staples:  Dell’s partnerships with Goodwill Industries International and Staples lets consumers drop-off computers and accessories for responsible recycling at more than 2,000 Goodwill locations and more than 1,500 Staples stores throughout the U.S. Goodwill accepts all brands of PCs and accessories; Staples accepts Dell-branded systems.
  • Donate your computer to the National Cristina Foundation (NCF):  Businesses or individuals can donate used technology to a worthy cause and earn a 10 percent software or peripheral discount coupon from Dell. NCF provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives. The foundation’s partner network of charities, schools and public agencies uses these important tools to support activities in thousands of training or educational settings.
  • Trade In Your Electronics and Trade Up:  If your electronic equipment is less than three years old, you may be eligible for a Dell Gift Card through our Dell Exchange program. It’s a great way to keep your electronics current and your old systems out of a landfill. We’ll recycle trade-in systems that have reached the end of their usable lives.

And, of course, consumers recycling with Dell can be confident their systems will be recycled responsibly. To help tackle the e-waste challenge, Dell was the first major computer manufacturer to ban the export of nonworking electronics to developing countries.

So as governments continue to consider laws directed at e-waste, Dell will continue to offer free and convenient recycling options to consumers worldwide.

Have you recycled a PC through one of Dell’s free programs? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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Topics in this article