Physicians deliver better patient care with mobile computing solution

Any healthcare provider will tell you that inaccurate patient records or poorly maintained data can be life threatening. Yet, time spent accessing records and imputing data is time lost in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is why so many providers are searching for ways to improve administration efficiency without sacrificing data accuracy or quality of patient care.

Marienhospital #1Marienhospital in Germany demonstrates this point perfectly in the way that patient consultations were curtailed by administration. The lack of access to data, and simply the time it took to get to files once physicians were logged on, reduced the amount of time available to see patients.

But things changed when the hospital adopted Mobile Clinical Computing. Care givers were suddenly able to access and update patient data quickly from anywhere in the hospital. The impact on patient services was immediate and clear.

Doctors were literally seconds away from patient data wherever they were in the hospital. No more looking for a desktop or punching in multiple passwords until they got to the files they wanted. With the swipe of a smartcard on trolley-mounted laptops, and single-sign on, doctors and caregivers immediately accessed the data they needed. They now had more time to spend with patients and for making diagnoses and planning treatments.

The hospital has also gained a reliable infrastructure on which to deliver Mobile Clinical Computing. With the laws around patient data confidentiality, Dell has helped ensure that Marienhospital’s solution keeps data protected at all times. But the benefits don’t stop there. With the virtualized solution in place, the IT team at the hospital spends less time on routine management – boosting its productivity and giving it time to concentrate on innovation.

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Marienhospital - Dell customer story

About the Author: Kathy Mahady