PowerEdge at VMworld 2017: What Happens in Vegas Rules Your Data Center

It’s almost time for VMworld 2017. Less than a year ago Dell, EMC and VMware all combined to form the largest privately held technology company in the world. Recently, Dell EMC launched the 14th generation of PowerEdge servers, or the FIRST generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

The shared vision of Dell EMC and VMware is realized in PowerEdge servers; what we call the bedrock of the modern data center. Whether it’s traditional applications and architectures, Hyper-Converged or Cloud, PowerEdge is the singular platform that forms your entire data center foundation.


At VMworld 2017 we’ll be showcasing our full PowerEdge portfolio and you’ll see how PowerEdge is at the heart of data center infrastructure.

There are a number of exciting sessions highlighting the integration of Dell EMC and VMware.

State of the Union: Everything Multi-Cloud, Converged, Hyper-Converged and More!

You have questions? Chad Sakac has answers! The technology landscape is continuously evolving, making it a challenge for IT leaders to keep up. Chad will relate Dell Technologies’ perspective on multi-cloud, converged and hyper-converged, data analytics, and more. (Session: UEM3332PUS)

Deliver Real Business Results through IT Modernization

As businesses embark on new digital transformation initiatives, we’re seeing them simultaneously transform their core IT infrastructure. You will learn how Dell EMC and VMware together are driving advancements in converged systems, servers, storage, networking and data protection to help you realize greater operational efficiencies, accelerate innovation and deliver better business results. (Session: STO3333BUS)

Modern Data Center Transformation: Dell EMC IT Case Study

In this session, learn how Dell EMC IT is leveraging VxRail/Rack, ScaleIO and more to modernize its infrastructure with flash storage, converged and hyper-converged systems and software defined infrastructure, where all components are delivered through software. (Session: PBO1964BU)

Workforce Transformation: Balancing tomorrow’s Trends with Today’s Needs

The way we work today is changing dramatically, and organizations that empower their employees with the latest technologies gain a strategic advantage. In this session, you will learn how to modernize your workforce with innovative new devices and disruptive technologies designed to align with the new ways that people want to work and be productive. (Session: UEM3332PUS)

Modernizing IT with Server-Centric Architecture Powered by VMware vSAN and VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance

With server-centric IT, data centers can offer consumable services that match the public cloud yet offer better security, cost efficiency, and performance. This session will discuss the benefits of x86-based server-centric IT and the convergence of technologies and industry trends that now enable it. The session will also explain how customers can realize server-centric IT with VMware vSAN and the Dell EMC VxRail appliance family, along with detailed analysis demonstrating these claims. (Session: STO1742BU)

The Software-Defined Storage Revolution Is Here: Discover Your Options

During the past decade, web-scale companies have shown how to operate data centers with ruthless efficiency by utilizing software-defined storage (SDS). Now, enterprises and service providers are joining the SDS revolution to achieve radical reductions in storage lifecycle costs (TCO). Learn how Dell Technologies’ SDS portfolio is revolutionizing the data center as we highlight customer success stories of VMware vSAN and Dell EMC ScaleIO. (Session: STO1216BU)

Come spend some time with Dell EMC experts to see how we can work together to help you achieve your business and IT initiatives. And be sure to follow us at @DellEMCServers for daily updates, on-site videos, and more.


About the Author: Scott Evans

There is no substitute for experience and meeting face to face with customers. Most of my career was spent sitting across from customers collaboratively helping solve enterprise challenges. In transitioning to marketing, this experience has been invaluable because most marketing organizations lack deep enterprise knowledge, data center pain point understanding and the ability to translate industry trends to relevant, customer centric marketing strategy and messaging. Over the last few years of building customer centric messages, campaign strategies and plans, my experience has enabled me to add a differentiated point of view and provide a unique voice and focus on rationalizing a full enterprise portfolio to relevant end to end solutions that speak clearly to customer challenges. Marketing is the science and process of speaking to customers about the value of a solution and real world experience, deep enterprise knowledge and the ability to translate technology to simple, direct messages. These are the skills I've been able to leverage to bring a unique perspective to enterprise marketing.