Pre-Configured Servers Reduce Time Onsite and Speed Deployment

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Let’s face it, at the edge, the core or the cloud, servers are the heartbeat of an enterprise. Today, organizations are re-evaluating their IT resources and adjusting their computing infrastructure. This means getting more compute power by installing more servers for both employee and customer applications. In the case of deploying new servers, there are a couple options for configuring them: onsite as part of the deployment, ahead of time by a system integrator or the fastest method, shipped pre-configured by the manufacturer.

Picture a retailer installing servers in thousands of local stores to process information at the edge. Each server will not only need to be installed in place, but it will need the appropriate configuration, system image, and labeling. This requires time for a contractor to travel from store to store, or the availability of many local, certified IT resources. This path exposes the company to increased onsite time and possible inconsistencies.

Pre-Configured Servers – Bring Speed and Consistency to Your Deployments

A best practice is to perform the configuration before shipping the servers. And Dell Technologies is delivering this capability with our new standardized Dell EMC PowerEdge Configuration Services. We configure new servers for you, before delivery, right the first time and right every time you order more. From system settings for PowerEdge, to services like custom asset tagging, reporting, customer supplied system image, and card placement – we deliver your new servers with expert care, precision, to your specifications and ready to deploy. This lowers the time needed at the locations, accelerates time to production, allows for remote management of the servers after installation and provides consistency a company can count on.

We’re already helping customers speed server deployments, including a large online business network that is modernizing its data centers to provide new customer engagement features such as personalized analytics. Switching to factory configuration and rack integration accelerated deployment by 35% and freed up staff time to focus on other strategic priorities.

Standardized Configurations – Easy to Select and Order

Server configuration services have traditionally been a custom process. This approach has been successful for the largest businesses, but isn’t necessarily the best fit for companies who need a rapid response, or smaller quantities over a longer period of time.

To develop our standardized PowerEdge Configuration Services, we identified the most frequently required services such as unique BIOS settings, standard system image and asset tags. Customers often require unique BIOS settings and commonly want a standard system image, including their preferred operating system, to ensure new servers will easily integrate in to their existing environment. And nearly all companies utilize asset tags to keep inventory of their servers and the support contracts for them. We created an easy way to select and order these services and many more.

We start with a base offer of System Settings for PowerEdge that delivers your new servers from the factory with RAID configuration, your choices of over 200 BIOS settings, iDRAC configured and a firmware freeze – all to your specifications.

Additional services for asset tagging and reporting give you what you need to track equipment and import information into your inventory systems. Likewise, sometimes companies have a preferred slot for cards in those servers.

Why Not Receive Your New PowerEdge Servers Ready to Deploy? 

Our PowerEdge Configuration Services help you reduce the time needed to deploy new servers in the safest possible way, speed up your transformation, and address your computing needs.

PowerEdge Configuration Services are now available where ever we sell servers.  Contact your Dell Technologies Services representative today.

About the Author: Steven Seserman

Steven is a Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services. He currently leads a team of professionals responsible for developing Enterprise Deployment offerings for Dell Technologies services portfolio.  Steve holds a BS and MBA as well as more than 30 years of experience in Customer Service, Support, Professional Services and Service Logistics.
Topics in this article