Preinstalled Software Must Be Optional And No Extra Software Option

Thanks to the folks in the IdeaStorm community who have weighed in over the last few weeks and months on the issue of pre-installed software – since we launched IdeaStorm, there has never been a shortage of conversation about "bloatware" here! Well we've recently taken action on your feedback on this topic, and we’re working toward giving customers more choice in the amount and type of software that is preinstalled on their systems at the time of purchase. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve done so far. You should read today’s Direct2Dell blog post for all the details, including more info about why we have pre-installed software in the first place, why we treat anti-virus applications a little differently, and what customers can do to have more choice and control.

We've expanded our pre-installed software opt-out offering on XPS products and our Dimension desktops and Inspiron notebooks. This means you have the option of choosing "no software pre-installed" for things like productivity software, ISP software and photo and music software. In fact, on most XPS systems, the no software options are the default choice.

We’ve launched a software uninstall utility on Dimension and Inspiron systems in the U.S, so customers can have more control of the software on their system. Watch the vlog on Direct2Dell to learn how the software uninstall utility works.

How can we continue to offer customers more choice in their software installs? Tell us what you think on Direct2Dell or share your ideas on IdeaStorm. We really appreciate your ongoing feedback! (And here’s a peak at what’s to come: we’ll have new info soon for our small-business customers regarding control over pre-installed software.)

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